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The Best Things About 2015

Hello Everyone,

As per usual,we do the worst things first and save the best for last! These are what I think are the best things that happened in 2015. Honestly,this year was such an up and down one that it was hard to figure out,so I did get some help with it and to those that offered suggestions,I thank you! Here is the list!

StraightOuttaPlayers10. Straight Outta Compton Memes

When the movie Straight Outta Compton came out,so did a website where you could make your own Straight Outta Compton picture/meme and everyone took it to a new level by making ones out of celebrities,politicians,and sports figures and they were full of hilarity and they made me laugh quite a bit during the summer.

There was a bit of question for myself as to whether or not I should put this on here because a lot of people did get sick of these memes pretty fast,but in the end you gotta admit that when they were at their peak,they were absolutely hilarious and beyond that they were maybe more popular than the movie was.

GronkingtoRemember9. A Gronking to Remember

When I had heard about there being an erotic novel about New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, I thought it was not only a funny and brilliant idea,but also a must-read as a Patriots fan. It was also an opportunity for me to finally review a book on this very site,which we did.

The book isn’t very long and will take you maybe a half-hour to read from cover to cover,but the content is pure gold and it’s a hilarious book as well if you ask me. If you read one erotic novel about a star football player in your lifetime,make it A Gronking to Remember.

dunkin-donuts-logo8. Dunkin’ Donuts returns to California

Yes,Dunkin’ Donuts,the beloved East Coast donut chain,made a return to the Golden State in 2015 and I finally got to try one.

Yes,they’ve been here before but the idea was short-lived,but now they’re back and I will admit that I do like them. They also have good mint hot chocolate.

I do think people here like them enough for Dunkin’ to open up more locations and I hope they do sometime in the near future. I can think of five or six spots near me where they can set up shop. Not that I need to keep eating stuff like that all the time,but it’s nice to treat yourself every once in a while.

7. Donald Trump Getting Attacked by a Bald Eagle

One of the most hilarious things I saw all year was the moment when presidential candidate and serious gasbag Donald Trump was attacked by our national bird,the bald eagle. The bird was brought in to pose with Trump for a photoshoot with Time magazine. Apparently he was a candidate for the publication’s Person of the Year (he,thankfully,lost). The eagle wanted no part of it from the looks of things, poor bird.

It was funny because Trump is a scumbag and also it served as the ultimate metaphor of the current state of politics in this country. When the symbol of our country doesn’t want any part of spending time with a leading presidential candidate, it probably says something about who we should be electing in our country. You know?

Shkreli6. Martin Shkreli meeting Karma

A week after placing this son-of-a-bitch in the Top 10 of my Things That Need to Go in 2016 list,Martin Shkreli,the now former head of Turing Pharmaceuticals who price gouged people when it came to AIDS medications, was arrested on securities fraud by the FBI.

Karma is the one we can truly thank for what happened. Shkreli is the poster child for part of what’s wrong with the pharmaceutical industry. Raising the price of a drug that people need to keep going in life is morally wrong and makes you look like the ultimate asshole. As I stated in Part Six of our list, Dr. Jonas Salk came up with the polio vaccine and gave it away for free,because it was bigger than making a profit,it was there to help save lives. I’m so glad something took Shkreli down and I’m glad it was Karma. You da real MVP!

ButteryMapleSauce5. Buffalo Wild Wings’ Buttery Maple Sauce

Earlier this year,Buffalo Wild Wings had this amazing sauce for their wings called Buttery Maple. As I stated in my Things That Need to Come Back in 2016 list,when I had my 33rd birthday there,I had to try it as did a few of my friends and we absolutely loved it and were saddened when they didn’t have ti anymore. We would do anything for them to have it back on the menu as a permanent sauce, it was so buttery and so maplicious!

I love Buffalo Wild Wings and spending time there with my friends and having delicious wings, but would love to savor that maply goodness one more time,maybe for good.

haley-and-andy4. Haley and Andy becoming a couple on Modern Family

As a Modern Family fan I have wanted Haley Dunphy to be with the right guy and one who can bring out the best in her. That guy to me is Andy Bailey, the nanny to Jay and Gloria Pritchett’s son,Joe. Andy,however,was engaged to his longtime girlfriend,Beth.

But to us fans, Andy and Haley were better together.

From the tail end of Season 5 to now fans like myself had hoped that these two would somehow,someway end up together. In the most recent episode,White Christmas,it was discovered that Haley and Andy were in fact sleeping together while Andy was still engaged to Beth. But when Gloria surprises Andy with her coming to the family vacation spot for the holidays,it was discovered that Beth was cheating on him as well and the two broke their engagement.

I hope their relationship grows during the rest of the time Modern Family is still on the air. These two belong together and will be a great couple. I can just sense it!

Regina3. I Got a New Car

After eight years of owning my first ever car, Priscilla,my 2003 Toyota Corolla, it was time for a new car. I had long wanted a small-to-midsize SUV,like the one my brother has. On Mar. 31, that day came.

I had picked up my mom from the dealership she took her new car into to get detailed and we started looking around at cars. After test driving a different car and finding it was out of my price range, we looked at a similar car, a 2015 Honda CR-V in gray. I drove it and loved it!

After several hours which included bringing my old car in to clean out as well as negotiate a good deal, I rolled off the lot in my new CR-V,which I named Regina. I absolutely love driving it and I’m lucky to have a nice car to drive every day wherever I go.

TJMickey2. Disneyland…twice!

A week after buying a new car,the splurge continued when I got an annual pass to Disneyland. We were already planning to go before I got the car,but the pass was a decision I made while on our way down there, it turned out to be a great decision.

Our April trip was a lot of fun. I went on Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain for the first time (they were both closed on my trip in February 2014) as well as Finding Nemo Submarine World (also closed in 2014). I also tried my first Dole Whip and saw my first show in the Enchanted Tiki Room (a must see,by the way!).

We went back in October for Halloween and had a very good time then as well. We went to the Big Thunder Ranch barbecue for the final time because it is closing on Jan. 10 and it was actually one of the best meals I ever had,hands down. It was awesome seeing the park decorated in fall/Halloween colors.

I can’t wait to go back a few times in 2016!


1. Super Bowl XLIX

This,for me,was a much needed thing following the death of my father. Super Bowl XLIX was just eight days after he was gone and was one of the first times I had seen some of my close friends. Usually during a championship game or series where my team is involved,but since I had been at home a lot and feeling down with dad being gone, I decided to go to a Super Bowl party and it was very nice.

The game,for much of it,was stressful to watch. I thought the Seahawks were going to run away with the game,but the Patriots came back and ended up winning the game in the most bizarre way possible. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain it because you guys know what happened.

It almost feels like Dad orchestrated that from above, as if to say “Hey,Trav, your team’s getting this win!”. Honestly,whether it was divine intervention or not, that was something I needed after something tragic happened to me in my life. Most of you probably hate my team and I honestly don’t care, I enjoyed Super Bowl XLIX and it was definitely the best thing about 2015 for me.

My 2016 Predictions list comes out tomorrow!


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