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The Best MLB Uniforms of All Time

Since I’m tired of talking about potential NBA teams moving, the NFL lockout has got me down a little and since baseball is around the corner, I thought I’d give out my list of the best MLB uniforms of all time.

10. Chicago White Sox (1990-Present)

For many years, the White Sox floated between different colors and styles of uniforms. They even wore shorts for a game in 1976 which everyone agrees was awful. The look the South Siders have had since their move into New Comiskey have been very solid. I like the colors and I like the Sox logo that has a feel to it like they’ve been wearing it forever even though that is not so. I also like away uniform with the cursive Chicago on them. This is an underrated look in my opinion.

9. Philadelphia Phillies (1970-91)

The Phillies look of the 1970s and 1980s was really cool. Who else had burgundy as a team color? Plus, the burgundy ’70s style P on the chest and the powder blue away uniform made the team easy to recognize. The only knock I had on them was the zipper, baseball jerseys should be buttoned, not zipped in my opinion. That probably cost them a few spots on the countdown, but it made the list.

8. Toronto Blue Jays Powder Blue Away (1977-88)

The Blue Jays have some of the worst uniforms in baseball. Sometimes you had a signature look going all along and this is the uniform the Blue Jays should be wearing instead. Not just the jersey,but the logo and the colors need to be returned to the MLB landscape right now! I like this uniform, it’s got the team name plus the logo in the center of the jersey. And they’re powder blue,which was common back then, but that was also a team color for Toronto,so it works twice. Sure,the Jays bust these out a few times a year,but how about listening to the fans and bringing them back for good? Maybe fortunes might improve, just ask the next team on our list…

7. Anaheim Angels (2002-Present)

In 1997, the Angels changed to a uniform that had periwinkle as a color. Sorry,but a color that looks like it sounds should not be in baseball. Thank goodness the team realized how drab those uniforms were and changed to their current look in 2002. That same year, the Angels beat my Giants in the World Series and painted Southern California red. With a minor name change that I refuse to acknowledge, the uniform has remained basically the same. The team has been pretty successful since and as the old saying goes, if you look good,you’ll feel good,too.

6. Detroit Tigers Home uniform (1934-Present)

This is a classic and great look. The simple Tigers home uniform with the big blue Old English D and the blue cap with the white D just looks good today. The Tigers have had several different away uniforms over the years (with the current one looking great), but the home uniform has remained virtually the same and still looks fresh. Some things are timeless and the Tigers’ home look is just that.

5. Giants Orange Road (1977-82)

In 1977, the Giants decided to add a little color into their wardrobe,and the orange road jersey was born. Not a lot of people liked it,but as a fan of orange,I do. I like the stripes on the sleeves, the big black block numbers, just a great look. Sure,the team was losing a lot of games in those days and were light years from the World Series, but they did look pretty good. I do like the new orange jersey of today a lot more,probably because I own one.

4. St. Louis Cardinals (1957-Present)

This has been a great look for the Redbirds over the years, and I think I know why. It’s the birds on the bats! That’s the best part of the uniform, I think if you take that away, they’re not the St. Louis Cardinals.  Although this uniform is featured, the birds on the bats have been there since the 1940s, with the exception of 1956 when it was just a cursive Cardinals script on the uniform. The team went back to the birds on bats the next season and they’ve been there since and I hope they stay there. It’s an excellent look all around!

3. New York Yankees pinstripes (1936-Present)

Yes, many people hate this team, but don’t hate on their look. The Yankee pinstripes have been around for generations. Players go to the team just to wear them, many feel invincible in them. Plus,you can’t imagine them wearing anything else other than many blue pinstripes. Sure,other teams wear them,too. But none do it better than the Yankees. They’ve won 27 titles in them whether you like it or not.

2. Boston Red Sox Home uniform (1936-Present)

The Red Sox have a great home uniform. The old style Red Sox letters combined with the old style numbers on the back give the team a cool look that still looks great today. I also think in a way it matches the stadium the play in,Fenway Park. Plus I like how there are no names on the back like the Giants and Yankees. It just looks cool!

1. Milwaukee Brewers (1978-93)

The Brewers have a nice look today,but the uniforms from the team’s early days are the best ever. You have the hat with the MB glove logo, the pants without a belt, and the powder blue mixed in with the yellow on the road, it just looks awesome. There are fans much like the Blue Jays who want their current Sunday look to be the look forever. Fans still wear the old MB glove logo, maybe more so than the current look, and that says something when it comes to staying power for an MLB logo. Sometimes teams had a good look all along and maybe one day,the Brew Crew wear these full time,one can only hope.

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