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Reviewing the Carl’s Jr. Memphis BBQ Burger

Upon seeing the commercial for Carl’s Jr.’s new Memphis BBQ Burger, I thought to myself “Damnit, I’m on a diet (sort of) and now I have to cheat for a day and try this so my readers who aren’t on one can know what I think of it”. I also thought the two women in the commercial were really hot. If there’s one thing Carl’s Jr. is good at doing,it’s putting sexy women in their commercials eating hamburgers. Sex sells,kids. Never forget that!

Anyways, this is yet another creation by someone who was either stoned or very obese at the time of its creation. It features a hamburger patty topped with cheese,pulled pork drenched in Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce (Damn right!) and crispy onion strings.

The pulled pork is actually okay in the sandwich, although I have had much much better pulled pork, this is good for a fast food place. The rest of it tastes a lot like a Western Bacon Cheeseburger would if you’re a fan of that item.

WARNING: This is a heart attack in a bag as it has over a thousand calories.

While it’s not as good as a creation they once had that was damn good, the Kentucky Bourbon Burger back in 2009, this is definitely worth a try. For me, it hit the spot very good and that maybe happens around a dozen times a year. Anytime that happens, I will give it a Thumbs Up!

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