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Can I get some more of those wins?

As many people might know,I’ve been in a deep depression for the past week or so. Many,many things have contributed to it.

From not getting invited to pre-Thanksgiving parties by people who I thought would think enough of me to invite me to not hearing from friends almost at all via the phone to work just being super busy, I can honestly say that I’ve had better weeks and that this past week has probably been the worst one I’ve had all year.

But one caviat of this week that has really stood out for me is that none of the sports teams that I root for have notched a single W in the standings. None. Zero. Zilch.

The last time any victory came my way was on Nov. 8, a 102-94 Sacramento Kings victory over the New Orleans Pelicans. Since then,nothing. Thanks a lot,Donald Trump!

From my Edmonton Oilers being on their current five-game losing streak,which could end today against the Dallas Stars (Spoiler biggumswinsAlert: It Won’t), to the Cal Bears deciding that not playing defense is the way to go and losing big time to opponents Washington and Washington State to the Sacramento Kings being the Sacramento Kings, getting a win from one of these teams has been like asking Elton John to play the saxophone.

But the one that hurt the most was the Patriots losing to the Seahawks at home last Sunday. I thought the Pats,who were favored by 7 ½ points, would win handily over Seattle,a squad who couldn’t even beat the Cardinals (or lose to them). That far from happened. After watching up until nearly the end of the first half, I had had enough and realized a win wasn’t coming my way that night and took a drive and never watched the second half or its horrific end for the Patriots. I have yet to even watch the play that they muffed on to try and tie/win the game for them and I honestly don’t want to.

Now,a lot of you are probably telling me that “Oh,T.J., they’ll kick the shit out of the 49ers tomorrow and your losing streak will end finally,take a chill pill!” and you’re probably right considering the 49ers are a giant dumpster fire at the moment. But with the bad luck I’ve had lately,I’m not ruling out a San Francisco win.

Look,the Patriots’ defense has been suspect in my opinion and trading away guys like Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins certainly doesn’t qualify as addition by subtraction. There is absolutely no reason why those two men shouldn’t still be on this roster and I wrote this past week in Odds & Ends that Bill Belichick,the general manager might be screwing over Bill Belichick,the coach. Hell,if just Collins was still with the team,I think they would’ve fared much,much better against Seattle. I did pick the Pats to beat the 49ers,but I’m in no way holding my breath.

So why am I in search of a win so badly? Because it’s been said time and again that winning heals all wounds and in my case,that certainly applies because no matter what’s going on in your life, when a favorite team of yours gets the victory, it takes the sting off of how you’re feeling and puts an additional bounce in your step. Even when you’re feeling great already,you feel even greater when your team wins. It’s an experience that I hope comes back to me again soon,my mental health depends on it.

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