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The Worst Things About 2021


Welcome to our countdown of the Worst Things about 2021. It’s a Festivus tradition and my sort of Airing of Grievances for the bad things that have happened in 2021. I gotta lot of problems with this year and now you’re going to read about it. This list is short,but it contains what I think were the worst things about the year. So,let’s get it started!

COVIDpositive10. Getting COVID-19

We start off the list with me getting the dreaded COVID-19 earlier this year in late January/early February. I had started to not feel well before I tested positive and the hint that I might have it were the body aches I had, they were unlike any I had before. Then the headaches came in and the intermittent chills and sweats and having it hurt to take a deep breath. Despite this, my symptoms were mild and I didn’t lose my sense of taste or smell. It was,however,a lonely feeling to have such a virus. You can’t go anywhere, you’re stuck in the bedroom and just have to stay there until you feel better. I did after 11 days and was back in action,but the lingering effects of it lasted well into April, which included COVID fog and depression. To those of you who say this is/was nothing,it’s not. When you have the experience I had,it’s everything and much more.

NewsomElderJenner9. The California recall election and Larry Elder losing gracefully

One of the biggest wastes of time this year was the recall election in California against Governor Gavin Newsom and the crazy cast of characters vying to replace him,including but not limited to, attention whore Caitlyn Jenner and right wing radio host Larry Elder,who is a crazy person. Many reasons they had to replace him were his handling of COVID and his controversial visit to the French Laundry restaurant when his citizens had to shelter in place and because the folks who wanted him gone just don’t like him. Even I thought there might be a chance that someone as crazy and controversial as Elder would replace him, but in the end the recall failed very badly. Newsom’s job was retained and the recall election was $300 million in wasted taxpayer money. What was even worse was that Elder promised to find voter fraud and ended up losing gracefully. That’s not supposed to happen. You’re Republicans, you’re supposed to cry foul and say that the election results were fake and that there should be a recount and you’re supposed to set up a voter fraud hotline so that I and many others can prank call it endlessly. Thanks for robbing me of that,Larry! Anyways I am glad the recall failed,but it shouldn’t have happened to begin with. You want him out? Vote in the actual fucking general election and do it that way!

Bieber8. CATCH-ALL: Justin Bieber’s Peaches song and the Fancy Like Applebee’s song

Two of the worst songs of the year are part of the list because,well,they’re terrible. Let’s start with Bieber and his stupid song about how he gets his peaches down in Georgia and his weed inWalkerHayes California. First of all,nobody cares,and secondly he’s only singing about those places so that the people there will like him. Also, this song was very overplayed on the radio during the summer for being a terrible one. Not to be outdone, the country rap hit Fancy Like by Walker Hayes was not very good,either. All it was to be was a free commercial for Applebee’s in a sense where they could use it non-stop in advertising and people could go on TikTok and use it in videos of them dancing outside of Applebee’s. Both of these songs were just awful and are part of what made 2021 the worst. 

HeatWave7. The heat wave of 2021

This past summer sure was a hot one and it didn’t let up at all. There were times where it was over 100 degrees where I live for weeks in a row. It wasn’t very fun to deal with at all. I don’t mind it being semi-warm during the summer,but when it’s blazing hot on a continuous basis, then something’s gotta give. Honestly,something tells me it’s only going to get worse because of climate change and nothing being done about it. This year’s summer was a telltale sign of that.

PelosiFloyd6. Nancy Pelosi thanking George Floyd for dying

Yes,this really did happen. After former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd in May 2020, Nancy Pelosi,the Speaker of the House,had this to say:

“Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice,” Pelosi said at an event with the Congressional Black Caucus shortly after the verdict. “For being there to call out to your mom, how heartbreaking was that,” Pelosi said during the news conference. “And because of you … your name will always be synonymous with justice.”

Uh,Nancy,I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a choice in the matter and I’m pretty sure he wanted to live instead of being killed by a police officer over $20. This was a very tone-deaf statement made by a tone-deaf congresswoman who should’ve known better.  It also shows that she’s using him as a prop for lack of a better term. Regardless of what you think about Floyd, he should be alive today and instead isn’t because of the terrible actions of Chauvin and for Pelosi to thank him for dying in the name of justice is plain offensive and truly out of touch.

VisharGarg5. The CEO firing 900 people over Zoom weeks before Christmas

In a despicable move from a corporate warlord, the CEO of decided to fire 900 people just weeks before the holidays remotely over Zoom,citing a desire to improve productivity and claiming that over 250 of those workers were stealing time by only working two hours of an eight hour workday. It was viewed as demeaning and unacceptable by outsiders. Vishal Garg (pictures) the CEO in question, has been far from controversy over his management style. Not long before his harsh act, Forbes magazine wrote an article calling his management style “scorched earth” as evidenced by this email sent to employees:


Since terminating those employees,Garg has taken a leave of absence over what he did,but in a way maybe these people are better off. I’m not saying they were justifiably fired because the way they were fired was shameful, but in all honesty, who would want to work for someone like this? I know I wouldn’t and I speak from experience from working for people who didn’t value me or give me much dignity so I know how these people feel in a way. There’s a much better world out there for you than having to work for someone who didn’t value your time to begin with.

BillionairesSpace4. Billionaires in space

Proof that the one-percent have too much money, billionaires such as Jeff Bezos,Elon Musk,and Richard Branson decided to go into space with their insane wealth,not necessarily for space exploration purposes, but as a hobby. In a time where we’re in a pandemic where people are dying and don’t have universal healthcare in this country and don’t have a living wage job and the quality of life is low these rich assholes are in a dick measuring contest in outer space. That speaks to how bad this is in our land that the rich have gotten so much richer than the rest of us that they’re allowed to pay low taxes and take joy rides in space. It’s time to tax the shit out of these people so that us normal people can prosper for a change. We need healthcare for everyone and higher education to be more affordable and for the wars we’re in to be over,not subsidizing billionaires to go into space because it’s Tuesday. If you’ve wondered why America is so underdeveloped and becoming more third world,this is why.

manchinsinema3. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema

If you’ve wondered why I left the Democratic Party five years ago,it’s because of the way some of them govern,especially these two. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona are the biggest saboteurs of the party’s agenda and they’re in the party. Sinema rejected raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by giving an emphatic thumbs down on the Senate floor while Manchin had rejected anything and everything the President is trying to get passed,including the Build Back Better agenda which would be transformative legislation to better the lives of many Americans,including his constituents who are among the nation’s poorest citizens all while living on a million dollar house boat and driving a Maserati. These two Senators are absolute garbage and have negatively impacted regular people and any chance the party has at retaining power in the midterms and beyond. As the saying goes “With Democrats like these,who even needs Republicans?”



2. The massive Vaxx-lash in America

You knew this was coming and I have to say something about it because I can’t believe how bad this is. When the vaccine came out,I thought a lot of people would be down to get it and for the most part,people have. Unfortunately it’s those who fancy themselves as experts in virology from the University of Facebook who haven’t and won’t get it and as a result we have variants of COVID-19 and as of press time are going backwards again by having to wear masks at work and postpone football games and people are rapidly getting sick once again. I get not wanting to get shots, I used to not like it,either, but after seeing how big of babies the anti-vax crowd is and has been over the last year any fear I had over needles or shots is virtually gone because if I can handle doing this as a 39-year-old man and my niece can get the vaccine, then I consider it an act of bravery on my part. Oh,and for those who say it doesn’t work, it’s not true. I have had all of my shots to date and haven’t been sick since then or even since my bout with COVID. Take that for data!

If you truly want to see us out of the pandemic, then you should get vaccinated. That’s how these things get eradicated. Not Ivermectin, not hydroxychloroquine, not Listerine, it’s the vaccine. Get it, you wuss!

Insurrection1. The Trump Insurrection

By far the worst thing to happen this year was in its early days, the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol that day to try and get the already decided election overturned for their dear leader. As a result the building was vandalized, objects were stolen, lawmakers had to be locked down and five people were killed. It was a sight I had never seen before in this country and all because a group of people didn’t know how to take a loss because the leader who brainwashed them into liking him didn’t win another term. I hope everyone who was a part of it and the leaders who were behind it go to jail and are prosecuted for trying to overthrow the government that day,including the guy who incited it,Donald Trump. What scares me the most is that this kind of thing could happen again and very soon. I hope it doesn’t,but since this country is full of sore losers who can’t take it, nothing surprises me anymore in that regard. 

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