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T.J. the Sports Geek’s 2022 Predictions


Hello Everyone,

Now we’ve reached the part of the year where I reveal my predictions list for the new year and 2022 is just days away and I have a few things I think will happen for it. While I got all of mine absolutely wrong for 2021, there’s always a chance I get some right for 2022. Let’s see what I’ve predicted for the new year!

MadisonCawthorn10. Madison Cawthorn will get married and divorced again in the same calendar year

Republican congressman and recent divorcee Madison Cawthorn is someone who I think is likely to find love again and likely to lose it just the same in one calendar year like he did this year. I will say this: I never like to wish stuff like this and by no means am I doing it,but I have a strong feeling his last wife left him because of the awful kind of person he is. There might be a pattern here and it wouldn’t surprise me if history repeated itself in 2022.

Manchin9. Joe Manchin will switch to the Republican Party once they win back the Senate

Let’s be real,folks! Joe Manchin is not really a Democrat and anyone who says that he’s one of them is lying to you. I think he finally stops living the lie at the end of the midterms and joins the Republicans where he truly belongs and he’ll do it once the Senate goes back to the GOP. With killing everything in regards to killing his own party’s agenda which,in turn,drives away voters to the other side or otherwise (not voting at all,writing candidates in,etc.), not to mention the Democrats insist on keeping him in their caucus to destroy any shot they have at winning. I really hope he does this so that trash like him can be out of the party and that more people in my generation who know what this country truly needs can come in and get things done. 

AZCoyotes8. CATCH-ALL: The Arizona Coyotes will relocate and the Oakland Athletics will announce a move to Las Vegas

The lone catch-all of this list, I think not one,but two pro sports teams will either relocate or at the very least announce a move elsewhere down the road.

We’ll start with the Arizona Coyotes who,as of press time,still don’t know where they will be playing in the 2022-23 season. While the league and the team insists they will stay in the Grand Canyon State, there are definitely greener pastures for them,such as markets like Houston, Kansas City,and Quebec City. I think Houston is the most likely place because of the history of WHA hockey in the city as well as having a hockey ready arena for them to play in. I think they’re time in Arizona is numbered and it’s time for the league to move them somewhere they can shine and have a fanbase.

As for the A’s, it looks like Las Vegas is going to be their future home in theA's next few years after Major League Baseball gave them permission to look at other cities for stadium deals. There is a proposal with Oakland that was approved by the city which the A’s turned up their nose at earlier this year. Las Vegas has been looked at by the team and it looks as though they’re liking what the city has to offer in terms of land for a stadium and the possibilities out there for them. I think they will announce they’re moving sometime this year,but won’t move for a few years until a new home is ready much like their football counterparts,the Raiders,did a few years back.

Mayim-Bialik-Ken-Jennings7.We will still not have a permanent host for Jeopardy!

At the end of the time when interim hosts of Jeopardy were either filling in or trying out for the job as host, it was announced that executive producer Mike Richards would host the show,only to have him resign following reports of abuse during his time on The Price is Right. As a result, Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik share hosting duties and it’s unknown if they’ll continue past this season in those roles. I also think that the show will still not have someone permanent in that role. One reason being is because Alex Trebek is a hard act to follow,but also it doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in taking the position full time quite yet. I might be wrong and they may have Jennings and Bialik host full time from here on out,but it doesn’t feel like they’re not ready to name someone.

QB6.The following quarterbacks will be starting for new teams: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson,and Derek Carr

I think with the quarterback carousel of the NFL being what it is we’re definitely going to be seeing a few guys switching places. Starting with Aaron Rodgers who a lot of us think was going to be leaving Green Bay even before last season. He had to be dragged back there for this year and I think he’s going to try and go somewhere else where he could probably win another title before retiring. Russell Wilson’s time in Seattle looks like it’s coming to an end and he looks like a guy who needs a change of scenery. I think he ends up somewhere else next season. My wildcard for a quarterback moving elsewhere is Derek Carr. Not that he needs to be somewhere else,but it wouldn’t surprise me if another team traded for him and gave him a shot to win there. It’s always interesting to see where some of these guys end up after a while and I think these three guys will wear different uniforms next season.

$6Gas5. Gas prices will eclipse $6 at some point

Since this year was one where,at least in California,I saw $5 a gallon for gas, I have no doubt that we’ll see $6 here as well. Not only because of supply and demand as well as greedy oil barons being who they are,not to mention the rise of electric vehicles. It would not surprise me at all if prices of gas reached $6 at some point this year. It doesn’t bother me a whole lot,but for others it’s not a convenient time, that I know for sure.

TulsiGabbard4. Tulsi Gabbard will be the first to announce her candidacy for the Republican Presidential ticket for 2024

I know what you might be thinking: “Isn’t she a Democrat?”

Well,yes,but here’s the thing,she’s become more and more conservative ever since she exited the Presidential race last year as well as the House of Representatives and is showing us all who she really is. So much so that I am going to predict that she throws her hat into the ring for the 2024 Republican nomination for President. Gabbard has shown she can be a grifter to those who’ll but what she’s selling, I know from experience and since progressives have disowned her and the Democrats don’t want her,the next step for her career is to become the conservative she truly is and run for the land’s highest office on her new team. 

Zaxbys Logo3. California will get a Zaxby’s

I know I predicted this last year,but I am calling it this year: California will get a Zaxby’s. I have been hearing about this place for years and how good it is and it’s time they brought their chickeny goodness to the Golden State. As of press time the furthest west location is in Utah,but with Raising Cane’s having made their way west, I think Zaxby’s should and will,too. Do it near me,guys! There are hella locations you can go to and the people,they’re gonna come as well. People love chicken and they will love coming to Zaxby’s. I know I will,too!

KamalaConverse2. Kamala Harris will resign as Vice President

Am I serious about this prediction? Yes. Is this likely to happen? Not really. But here’s why it might happen: Harris’ approval ratings are in the toilet at press time at 28-percent,10 points worse than her boss,President Joe Biden. The administration hasn’t passed much to make people’s lives any better since the $1400 checks were given out early on in this presidential term. She hasn’t made herself seen as a champion for the president’s agenda and at times has been seen as unlikable,including her rift with Charlamagne Tha God on his Comedy Central show recently where she blew up at him for asking a real question regarding who really is President: Joe Biden or Joe Manchin? Yes,it was groundbreaking that a woman became Vice President,but at some point the honeymoon period ends and for her I think it has and she may feel pressure to step away and allow someone else to take over and be in that role.

KingsDraftLottery1. The Sacramento Kings will win the NBA Draft Lottery

I have been crazy to predict this in the past and am even crazier to do it now,but I am here to say the Sacramento Kings will win the NBA Draft Lottery in 2022. Not the Pistons, not the Magic,not the Thunder or the Rockets,the Sacramento Kings. After missing the playoffs like they have the last 16 years,it’s time this team finally won something,so what better than the league’s draft lottery? I would love to see a guy like Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren in a Kings uniform. Let me be clear: I’m not an advocate for tanking at all. I’m just saying they’ll get the top pick with the few ping pong balls they may or may not have by the time the lottery happens. Sure,it may not happen,but crazier things have in the past. It’s time the basketball gods gave this team something to win.

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  1. You’re completely wrong on your last prediction. The Kings will pick seventh or eighth-you know like they have in about 95% of their lottery picks. ☺ Plus Holmgren won’t come out for at least a year. With the frame he has now, he’ll get destroyed in the NBA. He’ll need to put on about 40 lbs to handle the pro game.

    On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 10:16 AM wrote:

    > T.J. Longacre posted: ” Hello Everyone, Now we’ve reached the part of the > year where I reveal my predictions list for the new year and 2022 is just > days away and I have a few things I think will happen for it. While I got > all of mine absolutely wrong for 2021, there’s always a” >

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