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Reviewing A Gronking to Remember


WARNING: The content in this review may not be suitable for everyone, viewer discretion is advised.

As I mentioned in Odds & Ends yesterday,I had purchased a book that can be described as “Rob Gronkowski erotica” after hearing about it’s existence on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Well,on Monday it came to the house and I have read it and am here to review it for you.

A Gronking to Remember by Lacey Noonan tells the tale of Leigh, a sex starved Connecticut housewife who becomes infatuated with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski after seeing him do his famous “Gronk spike” on television. She can’t stop thinking of him and his spike. She and her husband Dan are married and they’re on the rocks at this point. Dan is bothered when Leigh spends time with him and his friends while they watch football on Sunday and hates that his wife Leigh like the Patriots when he is a Jets fan.

After a while Leigh finally begs Dan to have sex with her and wants him to “spike her like Gronk does to a football”. Drunk and scared, Dan bolts and doesn’t come back for weeks. Finally he begs for Leigh to take him back,she agrees to if he takes her to a Patriots game. He agrees.

They go to the game and while there,Leigh realizes that she doesn’t want to be with Dan anymore and they’ve both fallen out of love with one another. Dan realizes this and the two make their way onto the field where Gronkowski has scored a touchdown,which makes Leigh horny as she has ever been before. While detained for being on the field, Leigh thanks Dan for the “Gronking to remember” and they reconcile.

Okay, this was not a very long book to start off with. Only 59 pages long,so if you’re looking for a book that is a long read,this isn’t that,but it does have a lot of funny parts and parts where she pleasures herself time and time again and in places you wouldn’t dare do in your own life. This kind of reminds me of a story Peter Griffin would’ve written in the Family Guy episode “Peterotica”,only it’s smarter and hotter. I’m not a guy who will willingly pick up and buy an erotica novel,but this one wasn’t too bad. It’s Book One in the Rob Gronkowski Erotica Series. Will there be a Book Two? Stay tuned!

Thumbs Up!



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