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The Best Things About 2018

Our end of the year lists continue and we have saved the best for last.  This is the list of the Best Things About 2018. Yes,this year wasn’t the greatest,but it wasn’t that bad. Keep scrolling,you’ll see. This year our list is five items longer and it’s been a blast putting it together.

I do want to mention that this list is for entertainment purposes and should only be taken semi-seriously. Here’s our list of this year’s very best.

WildCherryPepsiWRealSugar15. Wild Cherry Pepsi made with real sugar came back

This just happened recently,but one of my favorite editions of Pepsi came back this month and I’m absolutely happy. I think the last time it was out was around 2015 and seeing it back and getting it from a local convenience store near my work in Rocklin is a treat.

The best thing about it besides the cherry flavor is that’s made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup which most Pepsi is made of nowadays. Now if they could make all Pepsi with real sugar instead of the poison that is HFCS,that would be amazing.

TrumpParade.jpg14. Trump’s military parade was canceled

There are many things that thankfully haven’t happened yet for Donald Trump and his military parade is one in particular that hasn’t and hopefully never will that I was glad to see not come to life in 2018.

And before anyone comes on here and says it was a parade honoring the military,it wasn’t. Those actually happen all over the country and are real parades honoring them. This was going to be a North Korean-style parade honoring a man who,up until Wednesday,avoided combat zones and did everything he could to get out of serving his country. If there’s anyone that doesn’t deserve a parade in honor of military service,it’s him.

Not only that,but it makes us look like a third-world dictatorship. We are not Cuba or North Korea. We don’t need to do this.Ever. No president is bigger than the country and if you think so,you’re probably in the wrong country.

Szechuan Sauce13. Szechuan sauce came back

After McDonald’s had an epic fail of a promotion where they brought back Szechuan sauce from the 1990s to select locations and gave away like -20 of them, the restaurant chain did us all of a solid and brought it back for realsies this year and it was great!

I remember this sauce as a 16 year old back in 1998 when Mulan came out and McDonald’s offered it with Chicken McNuggets. It was great. I feel like it was great the second time around as well,but not as much as it was in the 1990s. I do hope it comes back again sometime.

2018As12. Moneyball continuing to prove that it doesn’t work

One of the best things that happened this year was my continued belief that Moneyball does not,in fact,work was proven again as the Oakland A’s,who won 98 games with a roster full of nobodies, lost in the Wild Card game to the Yankees.

Now,I’m not digging into the A’s because I’m a Giants fan,but because the idea of Moneyball working to win you a World Series is laughable. It doesn’t work. It works in the regular season to get you to a postseason,but in the postseason when you’re playing against teams with not only better talent,but money as well,it’s a wall you can’t get over. Until the A’s realize this and continue their frugal ways,they won’t win a ring.

PlaidShirtGuy11. Plaid Shirt Guy

Remember this guy? Back in September,Tyler Linfesty was invited to go to one of Donald Trump’s Ku Klux Klan rallies in Montana and during the rally the young man looked anything but thrilled to be there and kept giving the camera a bored look and was anything but enthusiastic behind Trump. So much so that he was soon ejected from the prime spot he had and moved elsewhere. He became known as Plaid Shirt guy because of what he wore to the rally that day.

There are so many of us who feel like Linfesty and have no enthusiasm in terms of his policies,his actions and most of all,his “presidency”. In many ways,we’re all Tyler Linfesty.

10. The Sears portraits of Trump and his cronies

Many funny memes and GIFs get made about this sorry,no-account administration,but none were funnier in my view than the Sears-portrait style photos of Donald Trump and his cronies that kept popping up during the summer and fall.



Seeing the likes of Trump,Rudy Giuliani,Sarah Huckabee Sanders,Mitch McConnell.Mike Pence,Kellyanne Conway,and Trump’s terrible children photoshopped into photos where they looked even more hideous than they already were/are was sometimes the highlight of my day.



I wanted to place this higher on the list,but since the pictures of them kinda stopped,it is being placed here at our tenth spot. Here’s a few more!




GooglyEyedTrashCan9. Googly eyes

I don’t know who started this,but when people started putting googly eyes on different things,it amused me.

Whether it’s a trash can on the streets or a monument of Nathaniel Greene,googly eyes made everything better. I’m seriously considering buying a bunch of them and placing them on different items throughout the region just to see who notices. And no,it isn’t vandalism at all. We’re having fun,leave us alone!

8. Nike ad parody memes




Even things that were powerful statements are ripe for parody,and with the memes mimicking Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ads,it was not the exception.



From Jerry Jones to Nelly to Kobe Bryant to even Stevie Wonder,these memes never failed to amuse. Just like the Sears portraits of Trump’s cronies we mentioned earlier, we need this kind of humor in our lives,especially since so many people were outraged about Kaepernick to begin with,it made the fools who were burning Nikes while they’re on their feet look even more foolish.

gorillachannel27. The Gorilla Channel

One of the things I wish really happened was highlighted in 2018 as a parody excerpt from Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury” came out. In it, it detailed how Donald Trump was upset about the fact that there wasn’t a Gorilla Channel in the White House,so his staff created one for him and he was still displeased because the gorillas “weren’t fighting”,so the staff placed footage of gorillas fighting on the channel.

People not only believed the excerpt was real,but also contacted Netflix and other carrier providers to see if they could get The Gorilla Channel. 

I loved the excerpt because not only were folks fooled by it,but now I want an actual Gorilla channel on my satellite service and am wondering if there’s someone somewhere who can make that happen. If so,make sure there’s a lot of gorillas fighting. Here is the excerpt below!


BogdanovicBuzzerBeater6. The resurgence of the Sacramento Kings

One of the best things to happen for us locally is the Sacramento Kings having a better season than they have in years past. At 19-16 at press time, the Kings are just eight wins away from their win total for all of last year.

De’ Aaron Fox,Buddy Hield,Bogdan Bogdanovic,and Marvin Bagley III make up a great young nucleus that is making the rest of the league take notice. Not only that,but they find ways to win games they probably should be losing. If they’re down by 20,you have to stay tuned because they still have a shot of winning. It’s true. For the first time in a long time they’ve been exciting to watch. For me,it’s appointment TV now. I want to watch the next game and then the one after that and so on. It’s that much fun!

Are they a playoff team? I don’t know,but what they have done is made a city and a fan base who has been starved for a postseason appearance from them believe that it’s possible. This team is going to have a lot of success in the time to come. Stay tuned!

5. Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who is America?”

If anything proved that some politicians,especially on the right,can be easily manipulated,the Sacha Baron Cohen series “Who is America?” on Showtime certainly proved it.

On the show,Cohen (who I haven’t always been a fan of),would play a character who was interviewing a politician and he would get them to get on board with anything. Like for instance, he got guys like Dana Rohrabacher,Joe Walsh,and Trent Lott to support his character’s proposal of arming children ages 3 to 16 in order to prevent school shootings.

His character,Erran Morad taught Jason Spencer, a then-Republican state representative from Georgia, how to “detect and repel terrorists”. This includes taking pictures up a woman’s burqua with a selfie stick, walking backwards while baring his buttocks, and yelling racial epithets. Spencer later resigned.

Not only did it show these people can’t take a joke or realize that they’re being played,but it showed them in their true colors. We need more of that and God bless Sasha Baron Cohen for starting this show! I hope there’s more where that came from!

4. Weezer

One thing I loved about this year was Weezer’s cover of Toto’s 1982 hit “Africa”. And it got to be created after a fan suggested they do it. Well,first we got the cover of “Rosanna” from them and that in itself was great,but Africa was the hit that basically brought the band back into the mainstream.

Weezer’s always been a great band,in the 1990s they had a lot of great songs,in the 2000s they came back bigger than ever,and in the late 2010s reminded us why we like them so much and it was their blessing the rains in Africa that did it once again.

IOP3. Going to treatment

As many of my readers know,I haven’t had the greatest of years,especially when I nearly made the decision to end my life back in June. It was then that I realized that I needed to get my life back in order and I took a leave of absence from work to get treatment and support for what was wrong. I was in a partial hospitalization program that lasted over two weeks that I went to nearly daily and it honestly was probably the thing that helped turn things around.

After treatment I was getting job interviews and having better relations with friends and family and landed a job closer to home that I am enjoying greatly (more on that in my yearly affirmation on Monday).

If anyone out there isn’t feeling great and feels like hope is gone,do whatever you can to seek some help and to get the guidance you need to turn it around. As I wrote in Entry 1034 on Jul. 4, there is help,there is hope. I’m living proof of that!

TrumpTP.png2. Anything embarrassing that happened to Donald Trump

If there’s one thing I like when it comes to Donald Trump,it’s how he can make himself look embarrassing without very much effort. From his awful hair flapping in the wind to toiler paper stuck to his shoe while getting on Air Force One to his calling himself a “very stable genius”, there isn’t a shortage of embarrassment coming from a man who acts like a 6-year-old for 66 years straight.

The thing I love about it is how thin-skinned he is. He always blames everyone and everything else for his behavior when,in fact,he is responsible for his own actions. It’s his fault he’s such an easy target,it’s not our fault that he can’t laugh at himself every once in a while.

NatalieInABox1. My niece,Natalie,being born

I think,above all else,the best thing to happen this year was the birth of my second niece,Natalie,on Feb. 12.

I love so much about her. Her happy little smile,her chubby little cheeks,and seeing how happy she can be no matter where she is,even in a box. I also love how much her big sister,Melody,loves her.

I love getting to see her each time I come to visit and to get to see her and her sister grow up is a wonderful thing.

We were so close to being birthday buddies and while I was hoping that would happen,the fact that we get to share a birthday month is absolutely wonderful.


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