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T.J. the Sports Geek’s 2019 Predictions


Hello Everyone,

We’re getting closer to the new year and we’ve now arrived at probably my second favorite thing to write of the year behind the Things That Need to Go list,my predictions list. These are the 10 predictions I am making that I think will happen next year. I got 2 2/3 of them correct this year. Roy Moore never conceded the Senate race in Alabama, Ike’s Love and Sandwiches did in fact open a Sacramento location,and the Dodgers and Maple Leafs came up titleless this past season.

What am I predicting for 2019? Here is my list for you!

RoseanneNationalAnthem10. Somewhere,someplace Roseanne Barr will sing the National Anthem

I had this down on my brainstorm list earlier this year when her terrible show got canceled because of how much conservatives not only like her,but still stand by her. I do think somewhere this will happen where she will be invited to sing our national anthem.

Whether it’s one of Trump’s KKK rallies or a NRA rally or a boat show at Cal Expo. Wherever it is,she will sing the anthem and if we’ve studied history,it won’t go well at all.

FireWings.png9. A Fire Wings will open a location near my work

This is a King of Wishful Thinking pick as I really,really want the Fire Wings people to open a location near where I work in Rocklin.

The nearest one as of press time is in Fair Oaks and that’s too far to travel when you have only an hour for lunch. I love their wings and their garlic noodles and I love that they have Hawaiian sweet rolls. However,I don’t love that I can’t go there for lunch during my workday. Hell,I’d settle for one in Roseville if possible.

It may not happen,but I got the Ike’s prediction right this past year,didn’t I?

GothGlasses8. Ugly eyeglasses from the 1990s will make a comeback

I’ve said it before and will again,the 1990s were an awful decade for eyeglasses. They were round,they were wire-framed,and they were boring. However,with a lot of things from the 1990s making a comeback,I have a strange feeling we’re going to see these frames make a comeback.

Look,I know that glasses styles come and go,but this is one style that should stay gone.

These glasses were not cool looking at all. In fact, so many of my classmates got contacts the moment they could because their specs weren’t very flattering at all. It wasn’t until the next decade where glasses started becoming cool and have remained so. They’re an accessory and should be a complimentary feature,not something that detracts from your look.

I hope these don’t make a comeback,but judging by what I’m starting to see,I might be right about this one.

TriplesAlley27. The leading home run hitter on the San Francisco Giants will have fewer than 20 home runs

This is one I wish I could be wrong about,but I know in my heart of hearts I won’t be. But yes, the leading home run hitter for the Giants in 2019 will have fewer than 20 home runs.

Why is that? A big part of it is that their home park is not home run friendly. It’s cavernous outfield combined with players who can’t hit for power in it for 81 home dates will render the team with at or near the fewest round-trippers in the major leagues. Also,the team has no plans to make AT&T Park hitter-friendly in a time when baseball is seeing a power surge.

The leader in home runs this past year was Andrew McCutchen,who ended the year with the New York Yankees. He had 15 in a Giants uniform.

Unless Bryce Harper magically signs with the team (more on him in a bit),I don’t see anyone cracking 20 with the team as it is at press time.

KellyanneGeorge.jpg6. Kellyanne Conway and her husband George will get a divorce

This isn’t one I’m really wishing for,but if it happens,I will say that I have and saw it coming.

Kellyanne Conway will stop at nothing to cover for her boss,Donald Trump. She’ll lie,cheat,and steal for him. Just watch any appearance she’s had on television since she started working for him.

Her husband,George,however,sings a different tune and is very critical of his wife’s boss and the Republican party as well. It makes me wonder how that marriage is still going or has no strains in it. There has to be,especially with the opposites happening with both her and him.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if these two split up over her continuous slurping of Trump and her parroting the dishonesty that comes from him. I know that if I was married to someone who continued to be dishonest to not just me,but everyone else,I wouldn’t be with that person much longer. Something George should think about this year.

Spurs5. The San Antonio Spurs will miss the playoffs and Gregg Popovich retires

The San Antonio Spurs have been a model of effiency for over 20 years, making the playoffs every season since they drafted Tim Duncan and winning five championships under Gregg Popovich.

However,these aren’t the Spurs of old. Tim Duncan is gone,as well as Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. LaMarcus Aldridge is a great player,but his supporting cast isn’t the best. DeMar Derozan and Rudy Gay aren’t the best complimentary pieces to keep the Spurs in the playoff conversation. With the team barely making the playoffs a year ago and other teams rising in the West that are younger and faster,I don’t see them making it this year and with that,I think Popovich retires and someone like Becky Hammon will take over for him.

NFLDraft4. The first round of the NFL Draft will see more trades happen in its history than any other draft

We’re seeing them more and more with every draft and I think this next draft will see the most trades in the first round than we’ve ever seen.

Why? Because teams will see that a player they absolutely covet is on the board and don’t want to wait for another team to snag him. If the Kansas City Chiefs hadn’t traded up to get Patrick Mahomes in 2017 they may be in a different place than they are now. Same with the Texans and Deshaun Watson.

If a player is on the board,why not go and get him? Teams are seeing this trend and I think it’ll be bonkers in the first round come draft time. It makes the draft fun!

mismatchedsocks3. Girls under the age of 20 will continue to not match their socks

I don’t know that there’s a bigger thing that young people do that pisses me off more than not matching their socks,particularly girls.

Why is this a thing? Is it because they don’t care about that aspect of their wardrobe? Is it that hard for anyone to match their socks?

When I was a kid,mismatched socks were a thing that your classmates laughed at you for. However,it doesn’t seem that big of a deal anymore. Honestly,I do not see the trend of girls under 20 mismatching their socks dying down anytime soon. Apparently matching your socks is hard for youngsters and not a high priority.

EliManningSacked2. Eli Manning will be another NFL team’s quarterback or retired

Eli Manning is 37. He has no offensive line and his star wide receiver is often hurt and often a head case on the field and doesn’t show up when the Giants actually make the playoffs. Not to mention that Eli isn’t as good as he once was.

I have a feeling that the Giants are going to move on from him and draft his replacement. One of two things will happen following it: He will move on to another team or retire. Now,I could see him playing somewhere else like a Jacksonville where he would reunite with Tom Coughlin in a sense. Outside of that,I don’t think he would want to play on behind an offensive line that isn’t protecting him.

All in all,I think Eli is done in New York and he should think about being somewhere else.

BryceHarper1. The team Bryce Harper signs with will not win the World Series

As of press time,Bryce Harper,baseball’s hottest free agent,is unsigned. A lot of teams are interested in him despite his coming off of a down season,and once he signs somewhere,that team is a preemptive favorite to win it all.

I don’t see that team winning it all. Why? Because Harper hasn’t won a ring yet and because he doesn’t strike me as a guy who sparks leadership into a team. Teams that win championships have guys who can rally their teams to victory. Harper isn’t that guy. He’s a great player and I think whatever team he goes to will probably be a playoff team,but to a World Series victory? I’m not seeing it!

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