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The Things That Need to Go in 2019-Part Five


Welcome back to The Things That Need to Go in 2019 list and we’ve arrived at Part Five of our annual countdown. Part Four covered items such as the War on Christmas,televangelists,and boycotts of outrage,just to name a few. In this section,we’ll reveal numbers 20-11 of the things,trends,and other stuff that need to bid us adieu in the new year.

Disclaimer: This list is is intended for entertainment purposes and should be taken semi-seriously,but more seriously than past years.

Here we go with Part Five,here’s number 20…

SaudiArabia20. The United States’ cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia

First year selection

This is another Keepin’ it Real selection because we shouldn’t be allies with a country who is as evil as this one is.

First of all,have we forgotten that 19 Saudis hijacked our planes on 9/11 and killed thousands of people as a result? Also,they behead people in the public square and cut peoples’ hands off if they get caught stealing. Oh yeah,and they murder our journalists,too.

This is not a country we should be friends with only because they have oil. Their oil is not worth another one of our lives anymore. It’s time for us to end our ties with Saudi Arabia until they get their act together. And while we’re at it, let’s stop being cozy with 73-percent of the world’s dictatorships. Just a thought!

DaylightSavingTime19. Daylight Saving time

Fourth year selection

It’s on our list for the fourth time and there’s a good reason why: We don’t need it anymore!

Case in point-California’s Proposition 7. It was passed in this last election and what it does is gives us Daylight Time year-round. Now,does it get rid of the practice altogether?

Nope,it just sets us at a certain time all year round,not necessarily standard time by any means.

Whether it’s standard or daylight time year round,I just don’t want to change clocks twice a year. It messes with my life cycle for a good week or two and as a result I don’t feel well. Arizona and Hawaii already don’t do it and seem to be doing just fine. If they’re doing fine,I think we would be,too!

california.png18. People who complain about California being too expensive

First year selection

This selection is a lot like the Disneyland being too expensive selection in Part Three, but a bit different because I hear so many people bitch about this over and over again.

Yes,California is expensive. There’s not much really that can be done about it anytime soon,not even on the state level.

I have news for you,it’s expensive all over the place. Something has to be done on a national level about it. We need a new New Deal,we need better wages for workers so they can have a living wage. So much needs to be done so that it’s not only affordable to live in California,but anywhere.

Also,if it’s that unaffordable for you in California,there are 49 other states to choose from. May I recommend Mississippi?

GWBPoncho.png17. CATCH-ALL: People who think George W. Bush wasn’t “that bad” and people who want him back as president

Second year selection

I had this low on the list last year because I was naive enough to think this would go away a year later. Wow,was I wrong!

I am appalled of the amount of people who think that now that we have Donald Trump that George W. Bush wasn’t so bad of a guy when,in fact,he was and still is just as bad.
Bush presided over two recessions, started two wars that we’re still in for some reason and was able to show us for eight years how stupid he was and how much we need to get rid of American political dynasties once and for all. Not to mention,he was dumb as shit.

And by the way,I hate that Michelle Obama has such a cozy relationship with him. He’s a goddamn war criminal who shouldn’t be spending his retirement painting pictures of Scotty dogs. He should be in prison for what he did in his time in office.

As I said last year, shame on you people for thinking he’s not that bad of guy. He was and still is!

AntiVaxxer16. Anti-vaxxers

Third year selection

Even though I’m not a parent myself and don’t want to tell other parents how to raise their children,it boggles my mind that some don’t vaccinate them. I have never seen the harm in doing this,neither did my parents when not only myself,but my three siblings after me were vaccinated. We turned out pretty good.

As a result of these anti-vaxxers,diseases like smallpox and the mumps have made comebacks. These diseases don’t cause autism or anything of the sort. I wish people would do research on stuff like this before making a big life decision for their children that could affect them negatively down the road in terms of their health.

Not only that,but parents of vaccinated children fear for their own children’s safety over the careless decisions of other parents. Think about that!

AlexJones2.jpg15. Alex Jones and InfoWars

Third year selection

He’s back on the list and in our top 15 this year.

Alex Jones and his crazy ass show InfoWars are just terrible. I can’t believe there’s a section of people who believe everything this man says,but then again,look who’s in the White House.

A few months ago,Jones was banned from Twitter and other social media platforms and responded by melting down and wearing a donkey mask. See the video below:

Jones has had crazy theories such as the Sandy Hook shooting being a hoax and that the kids were all played by actors hired by the Obama administration to take everyone’s guns away, he also helped stir the rumour that Hillary Clinton was running a sex-trafficking ring out of a Washington DC pizza parlour and also thinks millions voted illegally in the last presidential election,and the best one is that the government creates homosexuality to the extent that chemicals in the water is turning frogs gay. He also thinks that Democrats want immigrants to come into the country illegally so that they get new voters.

He also promotes male vitality oils and shit and it turns out they have a high-level of lead. Yeesh!

Jones is a sick person,folks,and he needs to not be on the radio or television. Ever.

SkipBayless14. Skip Bayless

Second year selection

How does this man still have a job?

First of all,he’s on FS1 which means his show is seen by like 28 people every morning. His opinions are so unpopular and a lot of them are dead wrong and he can’t get a prediction right to save his life. Bayless thinks he’s this “know-it-all” commentator whose opinion is never wrong,when in fact he’s been wrong a lot of the time.

If he’s the gold standard on sports commentators and them having shows,then I should have a show. I’m better than this guy!

13. The Shoot Dance

First year selection

We’ve certainly had our fair share of fad dances that have been either awesome or stupid depending on who you talk to,but one I’ve seen that looks absolutely horrible is the Shoot dance.

What is it? It’s the one where you pump your arm repeatedly and shake your leg up and down as if a dog just peed all over it and you’re trying to get the piss off of it. It looks so stupid and it makes you wonder what awful dance is going to be cooked up next. I don’t want to know and I hope we don’t find out. It’s bad enough I found out about this bad dance.

TNFFox12. Thursday NFL games that don’t take place on Thanksgiving

Fourth year selection

As I’ve said in the past,with the exception of Thanksgiving Day, I’m not much of a fan of the Thursday games. In years past the match-ups haven’t been very good to watch and they haven’t been much better and to see teams going on less than a week’s rest playing far from quality football is pretty disheartening.

I think part of the problem with the NFL and their ratings not being as good as they were in years past is that there’s a lot of oversaturation of games spread out over several days.

I think if they stuck to Sundays and Mondays mainly that they would be better games and interest would go up because the games are on a generally set day.

TriplesAlley211. Triples Alley at AT&T Park (not all of it,just some!)

First year selection

This is actually something I have long been against up until about a year or so ago. However,seeing how the Giants are almost always last in the league in home runs and how many players bypass playing for the team via free agency because of the ballpark itself,it’s time to bring the fences in over in Triples Alley,but just a little bit.

I’ve had my fill of memories of the ballpark as it is now. But honestly,if those fences were brought in a little bit to have the team’s power numbers improve and the team may win some more games as a result. I’m extremely tired of seeing baseballs go 400 feet only to be recorded as outs and having those outs turn into losses and those losses giving the Giants less of a chance of being a playoff team.

Chicks dig the long ball and I want to see more of them where my favorite team plays. Either bring the fences in or let them take steroids again,your choice!

We’ll have Part Six tomorrow!

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