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The Things That Need to Go in 2019-Part Six


Welcome back to The Things That Need to Go in 2019 list and we’ve arrived at the final part of annual countdown,Part Six. In Part Five,we went over items such as Skip Bayless,Triples Alley at AT&T Park,and anti-vaxxers. Now we’ve entered the Top 10. In this section,we’ll count down numbers 10-1 and reveal our top selection for what needs to go most in the new year.

Disclaimer: This list is is intended for entertainment purposes and should be taken semi-seriously,but more seriously than past years.

Here we go with Part Six,here’s number 10…

mcresistance.png10. The McResistance

First year selection

There’s this idea going around that establishment Democrats are part of something called “The Resistance”. They’re not.

Why would anyone believe that people like Chuck Schumer,Dianne Feinstein,Corey Booker and the like be a part of a group that’s resisting everything the President is doing?

Politicians like them are not only not resisting him,but they’re approving things he wants like funding for the border wall, more NSA spying, more military spending,and many of his cabinet appointments. They can say they’re against him all they want,but when your voting record says otherwise, it doesn’t prove to be so. Also,what’s their alternative plans to counteract what he wants to do? They don’t have many.

It’s a McResistance if you ask me, more like an assistance.

9. CATCH-ALL: Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association

First year selections

Wayne LaPierre and his NRA have been an organization that,to me,isn’t doing everything they can to ensure Americans are responsible and safe gun owners and instead lobby for as many people as possible to have them regardless of whether or not they should.

Sure, they may say that they care about it,but they’re only paying lip service to it. Not only that,but they haven’t done enough to ensure that these mass shootings we have nearly every day in the country won’t happen again. There’s so much they could do,but they won’t because it’ll hurt their cause of everyone having as many guns as possible.

I’m absolutely done with this terrorist organization doing nothing to help keep people in this country alive. We’re the only nation where mass shootings are an everyday part of life and it’s gotten sad and pathetic. Something has to give.

kanyekissingkanye8. Kanye West

Multiple year selection

Is there any other entertainer more overrated than this man? I don’t think so.
Kanye West is by far overrated. He only had one good song in his career and it’s been a “Who Cares?” career for him ever since. Beyond that,he’s quite a prick and he has bad taste in Presidents.

His relationship with Donald Trump is and was a weird one. He kept wearing that damn MAGA hat as if it was some sort of magic crown that would get him magic powers or something. Not only that,but he wore it on SNL and went on some bizarre rant about whatever. SNL is our show,dude. Go on Fox and Friends or whatever conservatives think is funny and do your rants there. Leave us alone!

NancyPelosi7. Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House

Second year selection

Despite the fact that the Democrats took back the house,I have heavy doubts that they’re going to get anything meaningful passed. Not because I don’t want them to,but because politicians like Nancy Pelosi are in charge and don’t want to rock the boat.

Part of the problem with why the Democratic Party isn’t what it used to be is old and tired politicians like her who are bought and paid for by corporations and lobbyists that aren’t interested in giving progress a chance in lieu of keeping the status quo and their pockets lined with all the money they can get their grubby old hands on.

Having her as Speaker of the House (again) is going to cripple the cause of the progressive base of the party,to the point where Republicans may win back the House in two years and the Democratic Party scratching their heads as to why they failed to learn from their own history.

It’s time for her to step aside and let the future of the party take over. They got this!

BBQBecky6. CATCH-ALL: Calling the police on minorities who are barbecuing and calling the police on black people for being black

First year selection

This is a Keepin’ it Real selection that we couldn’t leave off the list because it happens way too much in this growingly racist society of ours and we saw a lot of it this year.

From BBQ Becky to Permit Patty to Coupon Carl to Corner Store Carolyn and everyone else who called the police on all of the black people who are only trying to live their lives.

In this climate where things like this are being watched and recorded,to the point that a clever nickname is assigned to these people that do this,it’s time we let people live their lives and not assume people are bad based on what color they are.

Also,let them have their barbecues. Barbecues are awesome and should be acceptable anywhere. Plus,I want to be invited!

USA - Midterm Elections - Texas - Electronic Voting Demonstration5. Voting machines

First year selection

This is a selection I finally had to put on here because I’ve grown tired of seeing these machines change people’s votes and overall voter fraud and suppression happen in this country.

What was wrong with paper ballots being cast in elections? That,to me,is the best way to ensure that elections are decided in the fairest way in this country. I don’t think a computer voting machine that’s capable of manipulating your vote is a proper way to decide an election.

It’s not that I’m against progress,I’m not. But when we live in a time where the country is so divided and where every vote should be counted carefully,we can’t afford to have votes being miscounted and for the people who shouldn’t be winning elections to be winning them.

From now on,I only ask for a paper ballot to ensure that my vote is decided by me and only me,not some machine who wants my vote to go to someone else.

CUbanJohnson4. Celebrities running for office not named Cynthia Nixon

Second year selection

If there’s anything we’ve learned from a celebrity getting elected President is that it’s a very bad idea to let some famous person with no political experience whatsoever to lead the highest office in the world. So why are we clammering to do it again?

In the past we have seen folks like Tom Hanks,Marl Cuban and The Rock flirt with the idea of running for President in 2020 and others such as Oprah Winfrey have had their names floated around. Here’s the thing: I won’t vote for either of them because I don’t think either of them would push policy to make this country any better. It’s bad enough that when Trump’s regime is finally gone that the next President will have to undo what Trump has done, I can’t see Hanks or Johnson being able to make things like education,healthcare,and ending the wars a high priority.

While I agree that there are a lot of politicians who aren’t getting anything done in Congress,replacing them instead with regular people who share a populist message and aren’t bought and paid for is the way to go. Another celebrity who is running just because they want the office isn’t.

Unless you’re Cynthia Nixon,who ran on populist idea and kept her word,any big time famous people should just focus on being famous.

HillaryWoo.png3. CATCH-ALL: Hillary Clinton and her blaming everyone else for why she lost the 2016 election and the idea of her running for President EVER again

I’ve said it before and will again, if there’s one person other than Donald Trump I don’t want to run for President ever again,it’s Hillary Clinton.

Her 2016 campaign had a lot of flaws, she didn’t campaign in key states that Obama won twice,thinking she had them in the bag, she only had ¼ of her campaign ads focused on policy, and she had the most vanilla running mate ever in Tim Kaine. She is also one of the least progressive people in politics.

She also doesn’t want to own up to any blame for why she lost the election and neither does the party. She is and has been quick to blame everyone else for why she isn’t president and that bothers me a great deal. Admit that mistakes were made and take your loss like an adult.

Not only that,but recently she said she wishes she was president and that she would want to run in 2020 if she had won. Well,guess what,Hil? You’re not president and you never will be. It is time to let that dream go. You’re not a likable candidate at all and you were responsible for the biggest lost in Democratic Party history. It was an embarrassment that the party is still recovering from.

Stay away from running for President ever again.

TomiLahren2. Tomi Lahren

Third year selection

Further proof that you shouldn’t smoke when you’re pregnant is Tomi Lahren.
She has had many bad takes over the years and has a major hatred for black people for a long time. She thinks she’s so smart when it comes to what she’s talking about when in fact she really isn’t.

Not only that,but the thing that probably got her back to the second spot on our list is how she said that people seeking asylum at the border get shot with tear gas was the highlight of her Thanksgiving holiday. That’s how you know that this is someone who doesn’t have a lot of love in her heart for anyone.

Also,if she was hefty and brunette,nobody would hire her to be on TV. Only because Fox enjoys employing identical white blondes for their network. I really believe it.

Someday,though,her 15 minutes will be over and she can go back to pretending to like black people and lip-synching to rap music in her white privilege mobile.

FatTrump1. Donald Trump and everything about him

Fourth year selection

Was there anyone or anything else to put at the top this year? I don’t think so!

We all know how bad he is as our “President” and also as a person. He’s an asshole,and when you elect an asshole to the highest office in the land,they don’t stop being an asshole. To me,he is already the worst one we’ve ever had. From his continuous hateful tweets to his golfing non-stop to his support for white supremacists,and the confederacy, he’s been nothing but awful. He’s also treated the media like shit.

Trump’s “presidency” is the result of our inability to get quality people to best serve the interests of our country that we truly deserve. If there is anything positive to come from any of this,it’s that people are waking up and realizing that their country is being stolen from them by a select few and a revolution is coming. I hope that it continues to grow and that it’s the sign of good things to come.

Until then,we have to do whatever we can to get this guy out of here. He’s bad for this country and a bad person overall. Oh,yeah,and he’s a doofus!

That’s it,that’s the list. Or is it?

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