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Odds & Ends-Volume 108


MLB: Los Angeles Angels at San Francisco GiantsDoes the decision to place Chris Heston back in AAA confuse anyone else? Up until yesterday,it confused me,but now it makes sense.

Heston,who has 11 wins and oh,by the way,a no-hitter this season, was moved back to the Sacramento RiverCats on Friday to make room for Marlon Byrd. Byrd was traded to the Giants from Cincinnati last week.

“He’s done a terrific job. I can’t say it enough, how he’s picked us up and been a shot in the arm with (Matt) Cain going down. He’s had a real nice year, and it’s not over. We just wanted to give him a break,” said manager Bruce Bochy

Heston has had a very nice year,there’s no doubt about that. But he has struggled as of late and perhaps some time in Sacramento will give him a shot in the arm and by the time he comes back when September call-ups happen, he’ll be ready to give the Giants another shot in the arm,perhaps even in another orange October. Stay tuned!

Cris Carter is coming under fire for comments he made during last year’s NFL rookie symposium which former 49er Chris Borland attended.CrisCarter

In an ESPN profile on Borland,the now retired player mentioned his unease when hearing Carter give his questionable advice.

“Get yourself a fall guy,” Carter said. He also told the rookies that if they ran into legal trouble, their designated fall guy would be there to take the blame and, if necessary, go to jail. “‘We’ll bail him out,” Carter continued.

Borland also stated that he almost walked out following those comments made by Carter.

Carter has since apologized via Twitter,saying that he gave bad advice and was regretful for doing so.

We all have said things we shouldn’t have at one point or another and I am sure Carter is remorseful for what he said. I think what he should’ve said is to not get yourself in a bad situation in the first place. So many young players have been in a lot of trouble and in no time are out of the league. Hell,even Carter himself was almost gone from the league for his troubles.

I do think,however,that Carter shouldn’t be speaking at any more symposiums. He’s apologized for too much for what he has said and it’s time for a new voice to be heard by the rookies. He should also stop wearing sneakers with his suits. C’mon,man!

BenjaminNelsonIf you drafted Kelvin Benjamin and/or Jordy Nelson this year in your fantasy draft,you probably had your draft too early.

Benjamin injured his ACL in practice on Wednesday ending his season. Losing Benjamin is a big blow for a Panthers team who has very little depth at wide receiver.

“Obviously, we feel awful for Kelvin,” Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman said, “He’s worked tremendously hard to put himself in a position to have a strong year. We’re confident he will attack his surgery and rehab with the same determination he has met all challenges before.”

Nelson injured his ACL as well,but he did so in the Packers’ preseason game in Pittsburgh on Sunday. It is believed that he will also miss the season. The Packers are in nearly the same situation the Panthers are in that outside of Randall Cobb the team doesn’t have much depth at receiver.

It goes to show you that maybe,just maybe,it’s best to wait a bit before your league drafts. That way you can see the progress of some of the players and not touch the ones that get hurt.

One of my favorite uniforms the Kings have ever worn is making a comeback for their final season at ARCO Arena/Power Balance Pavilion/Sleep Train Arena. That’s right,the baby blues.SacBabyBlues

During their first five seasons in Sacramento,the Kings wore Columbia blue away uniforms with red trim and they looked pretty awesome despite the fact that the team didn’t even have that color in their scheme in those days (From 1985-94,the team’s colors were red,white,and royal blue). This won’t be the first season the Kings have brought back the powder blues, they did so in 2003-04 during a league-sponsored Hardwood Classic night. The team will wear them 10 times next season,including the last regular season game at Sleep Train Arena against the Oklahome City Thunder on April 9,2016.

“The 1985-86 NBA season is one of the most memorable in Kings history,” said Kings President Chris Granger, “Bringing back the ‘baby blues’ enables the best and loudest fans in the NBA to celebrate memories of our storied franchise history. We look forward to honoring our proud past as we look forward to our proud future at Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento.”

I’m really excited for this. I may actually buy one or if anyone wants to get me one for Christmas,this would be a great gift for me.

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