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Reviewing the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

Well earlier today I was informed that the McDonald’s shamrock shake was back. I had to see this to believe it and it is true,it is back as you can see by the picture to the left. The reason why we’re reviewing this is because it’s been ages since this item appeared in my region and also there are people who, like the McRib, have not had one of these yet either because they never knew about them or they have not been available in their area in years as is the case of me.

The shamrock shake has been around since 1970, but in recent years have gotten harder to come by.

I wanted to review this item last year for Saint Patrick’s Day for you,but the two locations I went to did not have them and after calling McDonald’s headquarters themselves, I was told they were not available in my area. Thanks to people like me who not only called,but e-mailed the corporation, filled out petitions, and even started websites, like the McRib, to track them, the Shamrock Shake is back. All I have to say now is that it’s about time McDonald’s brought them back and they should bring it back every time to every region, otherwise don’t have a limited time item if you aren’t going to have it nationwide.

Anyways, on to the review. This is just like I remembered with the minty goodness and the vanilla mixed in to the shake.  I don’t remember if it came with a cherry the last time I had one,but it is a nice touch.  For some old timers who probably had one when they first came out 41 years ago it may not be what they remember it is. For me,I like it, and the guy at the counter liked it as well, so I give this a…

Thumbs Up!

Whether you like it or not!

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