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Reviewing the New Houston Astros Logo and Uniforms

Following a change in ownership as well as a move to the American League, the Houston Astros have also made a switch with their logo and uniforms. Friday was the uniform unveiling for the Astros. Gone are the red, black,and gold uniforms the team has worn since they moved into Minute Maid Park back in 2000 and in their place are their original color scheme, blue and orange. The Astros wore those colors from their inception in 1962 (known then as the Colt .45s) until 1993.

The new logo is a modern look at the Astros’ old cap logo used from 1965-93. A white H on an orange star inside a blue circle (it seems like so many teams have their logo in a circle now) with the team name inside the circle.

The uniforms are pretty simple to say the least, the home set has the team name Astros on the front with the numeral below and the road set has the city name Houston with the numeral below. The usual home hat is blue with the team logo on it, but on Saturdays the team will wear an orange hat with a blue star underneath the H unstead of an orange star. The road hat is also blue but with an orange bill. The team also has an orange alternate jersey that will be worn on Fridays at home.

Though the uniforms are pretty old school and look pretty standard, I like the color scheme even though they also have the same color scheme as another AL team, the Detroit Tigers. Also,they are another team in Major League Baseball that now wears blue. We have so many teams in baseball that wear either red or blue, this league is lacking color as far as uniforms are concerned. Also,orange on Friday? Didn’t another team in a different city who has won, I don’t know,two of the last three World Series come up with that? It’s cool if they want to wear orange, just don’t steal another team’s gimmick.

Overall, the uniforms look great even though many might not like them!

Thumbs Up!

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