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Reviewing the Cincinnati Bengals’ new uniforms


After 17 seasons in the same busy uniforms, the Cincinnati Bengals are changing their stripes and unveiled their new uniforms today.

“We wanted the new uniforms to have a clean, sleek design,” Bengals director of strategy and fan engagement Elizabeth Blackburn said in a statement. “We used our popular Color Rush jersey, helmet and the beautiful bengal tiger as inspiration to achieve an iconic, bold look.”

The black home uniform still has the orange stripes on the sleeves, but less of them. The numerals are still white,but without the orange drop shadow and a thinner design bordered in orange. This uniform can be worn with either white or black pants. We’ll talk about the three different sets on pants in a moment.

The orange alternate uniform features  black stripes instead of black and orange stripes on the sleeves like the previous uniforms. The numerals are white bordered in black. This uniform will be worn with white pants.Bengals2

The white away uniform features black stripes on the shoulders, a big departure from the giant orange shoulder yoke with orange and black stripes on the sleeves. The numerals are black and bordered in orange. This uniform can be worn with black or white pants.

Remaining the same with the uniform is the helmet, which has gone unchanged since its 1981 debut.

The pants come in three different varieties, a black set with orange stripes going down the side, a white set with black stripes going down the side, and a white set with orange stripes down the side. The latter of the three is for the orange jersey only, the other two pairs can be worn with the black or white uniforms.

TV numbers (shoulder numbers) have been eliminated and they’re the fourth team to do this along with the Patriots,Chargers,and the Rams blue uniform.

What I like: The all-white uniform, if they could wear an alternate white helmet with it,it would look even sleeker. I also like the less striping on the sleeves to make it look less busy. I also like the elimination of the shadows on the numbers.

What I don’t like: The elimination of TV numbers and the fact that there are no orange pants.

Overall, I think this is a nice change from what the team has been wearing the last decade and a half,but not as good as the uniforms they had in the 80s and 90s. It’s a good look,though!

Thumbs Up!


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