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Things Everybody Else Loves That I Hate- The Snuggie

OK, not everybody likes these, but many people do, even if they don’t like to admit it. I’m talking about Snuggies, you know, the backwards robe you wear as a blanket. Everyone who does admit to having one swears by it by saying how warm and cozy it is and I don’t have to be cold when I have to get up to answer the phone.

If you ask me, this looks absolutely silly. It looks like something a religious cult that’s about to execute a mass suicide in order to meet up with a comet would wear. This thing screams Heaven’s Gate (those of you over the age of 22 know exactly what that reference is, good for you!).

Not only that, they have them in your favorite sport’s teams colors and their logo is emblazoned on them. But wait there’s more; they now have them for your pet. So if your dog’s fur wasn’t keeping them warm enough, now this idiotic blanket can. I really hate when people dress up animals (which we will most likely talk about in a future installment, and trust me, that one won’t wait long) and if putting humans in these things wasn’t bad enough, now we have to further humiliate our pets.

In addition to this product setting society back twenty years, the ad campaign is totally racist. Don’t believe me? Just look at their infamous commercial featuring the Macarena. Count all the people that aren’t white in that commercial:

I did, and I couldn’t find a person who was not Caucasian, which leads me to believe that they mainly market this product to white people. That’s totally racist. Why don’t they have black people in the commercials? Or Asians? Or Latinos? Don’t they have Snuggies, too?

My dear hope is that this blanket with sleeves is a fad like platform shoes and Furbys. I cannot see this ridiculous product staying around for the long haul.

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