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Odds & Ends-Volume 61


SterlingBy now I am sure you have heard all about the controversy surrounding Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Sterling,who has owned the team since 1981, has purportedly made racial comments towards African-Americans saying he does not want them coming to his games.

I am sure the majority of people in this country share the same feeling that these comments are unacceptable, hateful,and demeaning. I understand why people are incensed by what he said,so am I. But I am not very surprised by it,to be honest with you.

I have never really understood this guy to begin with. When the Clippers were a sorry,no-account franchise and not winning games and not spending money on free agents, I thought there was something wrong with him. Then I heard about the racial allegations from his chasing his minority tenants out of his apartment buildings and really thought less of him. If people didn’t think he was a scumbag before,they certainly do now.

The NBA needs to do whatever it takes to distance themselves from this man. They need to suspend him indefinitely and also need to find a way to make it uncomfortable owning this team. If he continues to own this team, look forward to seeing the Clippers of old. A team that nobody wants to play for or go to if their lives depended on it. Look for any draft pick selected by the team,regardless of race, to refuse to play there or sign with them. I hope to not see that because players like Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin deserve better than that.

Staying in Los Angeles,the other NBA team, the Lakers are bringing back Mike D’ Antoni for his third season there. Here’s my question: Why?D'Antoni

The Lakers had a bad year at 27-55 with an awful roster that without Kobe Bryant isn’t very good or competitive. I not only think the roster needs to be tweeked,but so does the coaching staff. Great coaches are at their best when they can get the most of their players even when a superstar is out and D’ Antoni did not do that this season. I am sure Bryant is coming back but he is almost 36 and past his prime. Unless some of the Clippers are switching sides due to the Donald Sterling mess, I don’t see this team being any good next year.

NBA PlayoffsThe NBA Playoffs are in full swing and for the most part have had some very competitive series,save for Miami-Charlotte,of course. The Pacers are down in their series with the eighth seeded Hawks, the Spurs and Mavericks are tied. The Trail Blazers are leading the Rockets in their series. The Wizards are surprisingly dominating the Bulls in that series and are one win away from eliminating them. I actually like that series and was hoping that Washington would win it, they’re a well-rounded team that I think is on the rise. I don’t know that they’ll win a second round series, but I hope they can be competitive in it.

We also have so many overtime games in this first round, more than any other playoffs in history. I’ll admit, I didn’t think these playoffs would be so tight, but they are and it’s been cool to watch.Sharks

And it looks like it’s panic time in Sharks Territory as the Los Angeles Kings have clawed back from a 3-0 deficit in the series to force a Game 7 in San Jose on Wednesday. If Los Angeles wins that game, they will be one of three teams in league history to climb back from a 3-0 series deficit to win in Game 7. Sharks fans are now in a panic as their team could quite possibly lose another series that they should be winning outright considering the talent that team has. If San Jose loses Wednesday be prepared to see fans calling for the heads of the likes of Todd McClellan and Doug Wilson for not bringing a Stanley Cup to this team.

All I gotta say to Sharks fans is that it could be worse, you could be Oilers fans,a fate I wish on nobody.


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