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Odds & Ends-Volume 60


BARTseatsOne of the dumbest news stories I saw over the weekend was concerning the new BART train cars in San Francisco. They look absolutely great,except in the eyes of 49ers fans. The new seats, which are blue and neon green in color, happen to be the colors of their hated rivals, the Seattle Seahawks.

One disgruntled fan says, “I call upon BART general manager Grace Crunican (who oddly enough worked as director of the Seattle Department of Transportation prior to joining BART) to scrap plans to adorn BART car seats in neon green and blue and instead choose other colors.”

The petition also states that this is a “slap in the face of every San Francisco 49ers fan who rides BART.” The petition as of Sunday has about 450 signatures.
I can’t believe this petition and this story even exists. Is this what it has come to? Football fans upset over the colors of seats in a rapid transit train? Only because they happen to look similar to the colors of a team who is their current rival (I say current because who knows how long this will last).

Let me ask you this? Do Patriots and Red Sox fans protest the Green Monster at Fenway Park because green is the color of the Pats’ most hated rival, the New York Jets? Do Kings fans not ride Regional Transit because its trains are blue and yellow in color and those are the colors of the Golden State Warriors? I hardly think that’s the case and I think that a few 49ers fans are putting too much emphasis on this and read into the rivalry a little too much. Besides, BART doesn’t even go to Santa Clara (yet).

Sunday,one of my favorite things in all of sports happened as the Pirates and Brewers emptied benches and bullpens and threw punches at one another. The GomezBrawltrigger? Carlos Gomez flipping his bat and proceeding to third base for a triple. Pittsburgh pitcher Gerrit Cole had something to say to Gomez about what he did and it was on. Gomez landed a punch as did his teammate Martin Maldonado to Pittsburgh’s Travis Snider. Snider and Gomez were tossed.

Yeah,it’s pretty sick of me to enjoy fighting in games, but the reason I do is because it doesn’t happen that much. It also helps having a guy like Gomez,who’s been known to be an instigator to be in the middle of it to make it more enjoyable. I don’t want to see this happen every game,let’s make that clear. But when it does happen, it’s that cue for you to get your popcorn ready and witness something awesome.

KnicksThe New York Knicks have fired Mike Woodson after two and a half seasons there. He complied a 109-79 record there,but missed the playoffs this season in what was supposed to be a better season for the Knicks.

The search for a head coach may not be a very long one as Phil Jackson, the new president of the team, has already contacted Steve Kerr regarding the position. Kerr seems interested.

I don’t see anyone else but Kerr or Jackson coaching this team myself, but the big question is can they keep Carmelo Anthony from going elsewhere? He missed the playoffs for the first time in his career this season and you have to think that he wants to win now. He will get his money wherever he goes, but if he gets it in New York,will he win? Will the Knicks commit to winning? It’s a big question to ask of a franchise who hasn’t won a title in 40 years.

AdelmanI want to take this time to wish an NBA coaching legend well in his retirement. Rick Adelman, who recently coached the Minnesota Timberwolves, has coached in 23 NBA seasons. His best years were with the Portland Trail Blazers,where he led them to two NBA Finals appearances and he is remembered fondly as the coach of the Sacramento Kings. In his eight seasons in the Capital City, he helped guide the Kings to the playoffs every season and also two Pacific Division titles and had fortunes gone in their favor, they would’ve won the 2001-02 NBA Championship. Adelman is the last coach to take the Kings to the playoffs.

Many people around the league know Adelman as an innovator in the league in terms of his style of coaching as well as a guy who has been under the radar and had success everywhere he has gone. I remember him as a leader who let his players play and got the most out of the guys he coached. Kings fans still hold a place in their hearts for Adelman, who they felt should not have been let go in 2006 and I think I speak for all Kings fans when I say “Good Luck,Rick!”


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