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Reviewing the New Dallas Stars Logo and Uniforms

StarsFor the first time since moving to Dallas from Minnesota (where they were the North Stars), the Stars have unveiled a new logo and uniforms. Gone is logo with the Stars’ wordmark and the gold star in place of the A and in it’s place is a new star logo with a big silver D in the middle of it. Green and black remain in place as primary colors.

“I hope that they look at it and say it’s the Dallas Stars. This is who we are. It’s a D and a Star. We’re the Dallas Stars, in Big D, we looked at a variation of things that just seemed too cute. We just wanted it to be simple and classic with a modern look to it. I think that is exactly what we ended up with,” said Jason Walsh, Stars Vice President of Production and Entertainment.

I personally liked the Stars’ old look. The green,gold,and black suited them well. In fact, their jerseys they wore when they won the 1999 Stanley Cup were slick and probably their best look. The absence of gold rubs me the wrong way.

The uniforms,though,are another story.


Green is back as the primary color of their home jersey for the first time in six years. Even owner Tom Gaglardi said he was not a fan of black as the base color of their home jersey. The new home jersey features black and white striping with silver trim. I will admit,the green is very catching to the eye upon first glance. The away jersey is white and features a green shoulder bar and alternating green and black stripes on the sleeves and also the waist of the jersey.

While I still miss gold on the Stars’ new look in terms of the logo and, to an extent, the uniforms, the new uniforms don’t look all too bad.

For the logo, I give it a Thumbs Down!






For the uniforms, I give them a Thumbs Up!


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