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Reviewing the New Carolina Hurricanes Uniforms


Gone is the busy uniforms with the elaborate and bulky waist stripes and big numbers on the back and in its place are a simpler look. Silver is gone from the uniforms, except for the logo which remains unchanged.


The Hurricanes’ old uniforms

The home look features a red jersey with white stripes on the waist and sleeves and the Hurricanes’ logo in the middle,which is reduced in size from the previous look. The road jersey features a red shoulder bar and black and red stripes on the sleeves and waist that look completely opposite from the home set.

The storm warning flags that were on the shoulders are now inside the neckline. Simple looking numbering replaces the big italicized numbers. The numbers on the away jersey switch colors,from red to black.

I have to say, the old uniforms had nothing wrong with them. Sure, they missed my Top 10 list that was done last month, but that was not a bad look. It was busy,yes, but it wasn’t gaudy. I liked the big logo and the big numbers on it. The new set looks totally stripped down and it feels like it is missing something. Big time.

To the new Hurricanes uniforms, I give them a Thumbs Down!


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