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Mullin’s night forever marred by untimely booing

To preface this, I know I’m late in talking about this, but I feel this should be talked about.

Believe it or not,there is a time and a place to boo, and during a jersey retirement ceremony is just not it.

In what should have been a proud moment in Golden State Warriors history, Warriors fans mercilously booed owner Joe Lacob as he went to speak during the retirement of former Warrior Chris Mullin’s jersey #17 Monday night at Oracle Arena. The boos came in the wake of Lacob and the Warriors trading away fan favorite Monta Ellis to the Milwakuee Bucks last week.

It took Mullin and former Warrior Rick Barry to try and shut the booing crowd up.

”Sometimes change is inevitable and it’s going to work out just fine,” said Mullin.  “With your support and patience and use that passion in the right direction, this thing is going in the right way. I’ve got great confidence in Joe (Lacob), Mark Jackson (Mullin’s former college teammate at St. John’s), and everything will work out just fine.”

”Hey, one second here. Come on, people. You fans are the greatest fans in the world, as everybody has said that,” Barry said. ”Show a little bit of class. This is a man that I’ve spent some time talking to. He is going to change this franchise. This is crazy, seriously. Come on, you’re doing yourself a disservice. … I know he’s going to do it, so give him the respect he deserves.”

Warriors owner Joe Lacob (left) with Chris Mullin at the halftime jersey retirement ceremony Monday night at Oracle Arena.

While I believe that you should be able to boo at a game since you’ve paid for a ticket to do so, during something like this is not okay. To be honest, it’s kinda classless to do that. Warriors fans, I hear time and time again how great of fans you are. Had my team not stayed, I would have joined your fanbase because of that. I see how many times you sell out Oracle Arena to watch a bad team, a team that’s been bad most of the last 18 years. I get that, no fan likes to see their team lose year after year, it’s frustrating. Choosing this moment to honor a Warrior great was a bad idea.

I’m not crazy about the ownership group of my team. I’ve seen them make bad move after bad move, they almost moved to Anaheim to be the third banana there. I would boo them if I saw them at a game myself. But if they’re retiring someone’s number, I maybe let out a quick boo and that’s it. I wouldn’t let it go on and on and on to the point where two of the greatest players who ever played for the team have to come in and save the owner to try and get you to knock it off.

Chris Mullin didn’t deserve this to happen during what should have been a happy moment that will now forever be remembered as a sour note in team history. That’s a shame!

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