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Reviewing the New Cleveland Browns Uniforms (2020 edition)

Five years ago the Browns made a change to their uniforms that didn’t go over well. The team got the message and returned to their roots on Wednesday by unveiling some new,but familiar uniforms.BrownsUnis

The uniforms effectively eliminate the team’s previous uniforms and reintroduces the traditional striping pattern worn by Browns legends such as Jim Brown, Paul Warfield,and Bernie Kosar, just to name a few, to the sleeves and socks.

“We wanted to get back to the roots of who the Browns are,” J.W. Johnson, Browns executive vice president and co-owner, “We’ve heard it from our fans and from our BrownsUnis2players. We needed to get back to our roots.”

The lone holdover from the previous set is the helmet with the brown facemask.

While the uniforms look a lot like they did before the 2015 change, they do have a more rounded number on each jersey that matches the team’s wordmark. 

Also new are the brown pants that can go with either the home or road jersey with a brown stripe in between two orange stripes. The team also unveiled a Color Rush uniform,brown in color,with orange numerals on the jersey and no stripes on the jersey,pants,or socks.

“What I like about it is that it’s paying respect to this organization and this storied franchise about what the Browns are all about,” said Director of equipment operations Brad Melland. “I think they did a great job on the production and design of this uniform, and I am extremely happy because this represents what the Browns are really all about.”

What I Like: The return of the Browns’ traditional look. They should never have strayed from this look to begin with. I hope they’ve learned their lesson.

What I Don’t Like: The Color Rush uniform, it’s too plain. Go back to the drawing board on that one.

Thumbs Up!


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