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T.J. the Sports Geek’s 2012 MLB Preview

2012 MLB Predictions

AL East

New York Yankees (94-68)

Boston Red Sox (90-72)

Tampa Bay Rays (87-75)

Toronto Blue Jays (78-84)

Baltimore Orioles (72-90)

Overview: The Yankees didn’t do too much to get better,but they are still more than good enough to win the division. The Red Sox have a same chance to win the division, but didn’t do too much to impress me in the offseason. The Rays are always a wildcard to me, I never know if they’re gonna have a good season or going to be bad. At this point, I say they’ll be average and play it safe. The Blue Jays have cool new uniforms, but I don’t know how much those will help them win. The Orioles are the Orioles.

AL Central

Detroit Tigers (100-62)

Chicago White Sox (85-77)

Cleveland Indians (81-81)

Minnesota Twins (80-82)

Kansas City Royals (73-89)

Overview: The Tigers got Prince Fielder in the offseason and they also have the Cy Young award winner and the league MVP Justin Verlander. This team looks really good and should win this division outright again. The White Sox may improve a little and the Indians may have another fast start but faster crash again. The Twins should be a lot better than they were last year and the Royals, well, they are hosting the All Star Game this year.

AL West

Anaheim Angels (95-67)

Texas Rangers (92-70)

Seattle Mariners (76-86)

Oakland Athletics (61-101)

Overview: The Angels got what was possibly the biggest free agent out there this year in Albert Pujols and should win this division. The Rangers still have a great chance to win this division this year despite losing C.J. Wilson to the Angels. The Mariners are going nowhere and the A’s may have another fire sale or two this season. Everyone is expendable on that team,trust me!

NL East

Philadelphia Phillies (96-66)

Atlanta Braves (91-71)

Washington Nationals (86-76)

Miami Marlins (80-82)

New York Mets (71-91)

Overview: The Phillies still have a talented team but will not have Utley or Howard to start the year off. The Braves will have a great start to the season but may have a bad finish again like last season. The Nationals will be a lot better while the Marlins and Mets will not be as good. But the Marlins have that new stadium. It’s too bad their uniforms are hideous!

NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals (93-69)

Milwaukee Brewers (88-74)

Cincinnati Reds (81-81)

Chicago Cubs (79-83)

Pittsburgh Pirates (77-85)

Houston Astros (62-100)

Overview: Despite losing Pujols, the Cardinals still have a really good team and should win the division this year. The Brewers didn’t lose Ryan Braun for 50 games, but the fans getting on him may affect his performance this year. The Reds may be better than this now that they have more pitching, but it remains to be seen. The Cubs and Pirates have to finish somewhere and it won’t be first or second place. The Astros will spend their last National League season in last place. Astros? More like Lastros!

NL West

San Francisco Giants (93-69)

Arizona Diamondbacks (92-70)

Colorado Rockies (84-78)

Los Angeles Dodgers (74-88)

San Diego Padres (70-92)

Overview: While the Diamondbacks’ 2011 season was no fluke in my opinion, the Giants have Buster Posey back and a great chance to take back the NL West, though it won’t be easy with the Diamondbacks in the way. The Rockies are the darkhorse to win the division but they don’t have the pitching to get there. The Dodgers and Padres will still be terrible!

NL Wild Card

Diamondbacks over Braves


Phiilies over Diamondbacks

Cardinals over Giants


Phillies over Cardinals

AL Wild Card

Rangers over Red Sox


Yankees over Rangers

Tigers over Angels


Tigers over Yankees

World Series

Tigers over Phillies

Enjoy the season!

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