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Ask T.J. Anything-Nov. 12, 2010

OK, it’s been a while, but I am back with your questions, here we go…

When should a person stop trick-or-treating?

OK, this was asked weeks ago,but I’ll talk about it. The last time I went was at age 14, so I think just about that age, if not before is about right. If you’re out trick-or-treating while in college and are using a car to complete the task, that’s kinda sad.

Do you like taco sauce?

This is a pretty random question, but I do indeed like taco sauce. Taco bell has some pretty good taco sauce as well as Jimboy’s. Taco sauce is great!

What sucks more ICP or Twilight?

I think they both equally suck, but since vampires cannot exist at night, Twilight gets the edge!

Are you really asking yourself questions? haha.

Absolutely not. These are real questions sent in by real people. You can ask me questions via Formspring, which you can find at the end of this post.

Whyyy don’t you like Uggs??

I don’t think they are very good looking shoes. I thought they were from Russia because they look like they would come from there,but they are from Australia. Wherever they are from, they just don’t do anything for me. And they certainly don’t when girls wear shorts with them. What’s the point? I’ll post more in the future on why shoes matter.Stay tuned!

What is the male equivalent of a ballerina?

Wikipedia says they are known as ballerinos or danseurs.

What do us Giants fans do now that they’ve won it all?

I know that you’re thinking that this is a dream, I kind of am,too. But all I can say is enjoy it,Giants fans. This is a celebration that’s been a long time coming, and I don’t know a better batch of fans that are more deserving. Now all these A’s fans can leave us alone about the Giants not winning a title.

I had a nightmare that I lived in Texas. What was your last nightmare?

Wow, this is a really good question. Probably a couple weeks ago when I had a dream that my car was taken from me in the middle of the night, it frightened me so much that I took a look outside just to reassure myself that it was in fact a dream.

Why don’t convenience stores sell a variety of breath mints anymore? I remember when there were Certs, Breath Savers, Tic Tacs, Altoids, Life Savers, Ice Breakers, etc. Now there is just some no name crap and there is only two choices, what gives?

Very good question. I am unsure of that, I haven’t really noticed that when I go to convenience stores, mainly because I go right to the cooler for a soda. I will have to find out for you.

I know that you love the girls with glasses, have you seen the Early Show’s Erica Hill?

I have,and YES! She has climbed up to near the top of my favorite GWGs. She doesn’t wear them often, but when she does, she looks fabulous!

Do you believe in luck?

Absolutely. I have been a lucky guy many times and in many ways I still am today. Ask the 2007 New York Giants about luck, they got lucky during that Super Bowl, they weren’t supposed to win that game and they backed into a win. Unfortunately they won what was a pretty lousy Super Bowl and anyone who says it was the greatest Super Bowl ever is not a real football fan. Eli Manning sucks!

If you have a question for me, send it here via  my Formspring, and your question may appear here on our next edition!

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