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Odds & Ends-Volume 196


We begin our Saturday edition of Odds & Ends with the unfortunate news of PatriotsEdelmanInjury wide receiver Julian Edelman’s season coming to an end. Edelman suffered an injury to his ACL in the opening drive of the team’s 30-28 preseason win against the Detroit Lions.

Edelman,31,is undoubtedly the team’s leading receiver and has been quite the spark plug who undoubtedly had one of the most amazing catches in NFL history in Super Bowl LI,where his team came back from a 28-3 deficit to win the game in overtime, the game’s first ever. Edelman had 98 catches in 2016.

Players from around the league sent their well wishes for Edelman and their hopes for a speedy recovery.

It’s nice to see players from around the league have the kind of respect for Edelman and their thoughts and best wishes from him are certainly not going unnoticed. I’m sure he appreciates those as he recovers from this injury.

This injury is a big deal for the Patriots who are trying to repeat as Super Bowl champions. He is an integral part of what they do and that’s going to be missed in more ways than one. However,this is a systematic offense where guys you’ve never heard of (like Edelman at one point) are able to come in and perform well. There are guys on this team who can do just that and while Edelman is going to be missed this year, this offense is going to soldier on while he recovers from his injury. Get well soon,Jules!

BobWickAfter 39 years with the team,the Los Angeles Chargers decided to fire equipment manager Bob Wick. This move came after he made the personal move to Los Angeles to stay on with the team after their unnecessary move from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Team officials haven’t commented on why they decided to part ways with Wick.

Wick,a San Diego native, began with the team as a ball boy and equipment assistant in 1979 and worked his way up to the role of equipment manager in 2000. He was named NFL equipment manager of the year in 2009.

Wick’s dismissal came to a surprise to local media members who worked closely with the Chargers and described Wick as having been “universally liked and respected by Chargers players and coaches”,according to San Diego NBC affiliate KNSD.

Former Chargers expressed their disappointment of Wick being let go.

Honestly,I’m not surprised a franchise like the Chargers would show someone with loyalty like Wick the door. This franchise,starting with the ownership on down doesn’t know what loyalty looks like. After their fans in San Diego showed them 56 years of loyalty,the team gave them the finger and made the move up I-5 and are currently not welcomed all that much by their new home city. Gee,I wonder why. This is just another bad move by a team that continues to show us that they’re not loyal to anyone even if they’re loyal to them. Unless you’re LaDainian Tomlinson,of course.

Yes,I have a Colin Kaepernick story,and yes,it’s warranted. Buckle up!CKaepernick.jpg

There is an NFL owner who is being vocal about interest to the former 49ers quarterback, that owner is Shad Khan of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In an interview with Mike Dempsey of 1010 XL in Jacksonville, Khan was asked if he would be fine signing Kaerpenick “if his football people recommended” it.

“Absolutely,” Khan replied.

Kaepernick made headlines last season by kneeling during the national anthem to protest social injustice in the United States and at press time is still a free agent despite previously leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl and throwing 16 touchdowns to just four interceptions last season.

Kaepernick has met with teams this offseason,including Seattle and Baltimore,but is still not on an NFL roster.

As for the Jaguars,they’re currently having a quarterback controversy as Blake Bortles,the third overall pick in 2014, is underperforming and Chad Henne,a longtime Jacksonville back-up/starter,is the only other viable option. Bortles is the starter for the team’s opening game against the Titans.

Honestly, if I was the Jaguars,I’d give Kaepernick a chance. What does this team have to lose? Moreover,what does Kaepernick have to lose? The Jaguars clearly need a quarterback to lead them to where they need to go. They have good weapons on offense but their current quarterbacks aren’t exactly winners. Let’s not forget that Kaepernick has played in six playoff games. I don’t even know if there’s six playoff games of experience combined on this roster right now. I doubt that the team will sign him right away if they’re at all interested,but if they are and the team is 0-5 and 0-6, they should take a flyer on him and give him a try.

Finally this week, the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees got into a big brawl on Thursday.

It started when Detroit first baseman Miguel Cabrera and New York catcher Austin Romine were having a discussion during the sixth inning of Thursday’s game in Detroit, and things got heated.

Romine removed his catcher’s mask, then was shoved by Cabrera and it was on. Benches and bullpens emptied out to home plate and the scuffle lasted a couple of minutes.
Before the melee, Yankees manager Joe Girardi and pitcher Tommy Kahnle were ejected after Kahnle threw behind Cabrera.

Following the brawl, Detroit manager Brad Ausmus,the starting pitchers in the game, Alex Wilson of Detroit and Dellen Betances of New York,as well as Cabrera and Romine were ejected. Betances was tossed after drilling James McCann in the head. Wilson’s came after hitting Todd Frazier with a pitch. Both beanings caused benches and bullpens to empty each time.

Fines and suspensions have been handed out. Cabrera was suspended seven games, New York catcher Gary Sanchez was given a four game ban, Romine was given two games as well as Wilson and Ausmus was given a one-game ban. The players who were suspended will appeal.

Thursday’s game is the last meeting between the two teams and fireworks may carry over to next year. Stay tuned!

This incident could’ve been prevented. The umpires should’ve given both benches a warning,which didn’t happen and something that was pointed out by Girardi in his argument with the umpire and his comments following the game. I think if,at least,a warning was doled out to both dugouts that this doesn’t happen. Umpires have a responsibility to keep the pace in a game and prevent scuffles like the one Thursday from happening,that didn’t happen and this is the result.

That’s this week’s Odds & Ends, my NFL Season preview comes out on Tuesday!

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