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How about another force feeding of the Palins? No thanks!

Is anyone just sick and tired of being force fed the Palin family as much as I am? No matter where you turn whether it’s the internet, or television, or even radio, the Palins are there. It’s Palin this and Palin that. Palin,Palin,Palin!

Usually, I don’t turn fiesta politico on this site because first of all nobody cares how their sports guy (or sports geek in my case) feels politically. There are way too many other people who are smarter than I am about this stuff, so for the most part,I like to stick to what I know. But the continuous cramming of the Palin family down my throat and the throats of many others who don’t necessarily care for them has gotten out of hand.

First, you’ve got Sarah, a woman who I very much dislike. I don’t agree with her views on how the country should be run and I think that I could beat her in a spelling bee. She’s all over the place on cable news, even on news networks like MSNBC whose slant on politics doesn’t come close to mirroring hers. Now she’s got her own TLC series called Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which is supposedly a travel/ documentary series. However, I saw a couple of clips of the show and she’s talking about her fence and how high it is. She remarks that that’s what we should do about our borders. This isn’t a travel show,it’s a commercial for her 2012 campaign, which you’re a fool if you don’t believe she isn’t running (and by the way, she will lose).

Then you’ve got Bristol, the daughter who is on Dancing with the Stars and at last check was not a star. I thought you had to have done something in Hollywood to be a star, not be on the news. If that’s the case, Antoine Dodson should be on next season’s cast. I do not watch the show, but from what I have heard from sources close to me (my mother) she’s not a very good dancer. Somehow she is in the finals, and it isn’t because of her dance skills.  I’ll take my mom’s word for it,aside from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy, she hasn’t lied to me a whole lot.

The main reason people vote for Bristol is because so many knuckleheads and supporters of the Tea Party like her mom so much and if they vote for her, it means they’re “helping the cause”, but what they’re really doing is rewarding failure. Not to mention her dance the other night was pretty suggestive in my view and her family was smiling and applauding during the performance as if they tolerated it.  Many hardcore Christians with so-called “family values” would denounce this:

The other problem I have with Bristol is that she’s a spokesperson for abstinence. Yeah,like she’s such an expert on that. Bristol Palin as a spokesperson on abstinence is like Michael Vick endorsing Puppy Chow. It’s unrealistic. And even if she really was a credible spokesperson for it, would she be dancing this way with the simulated sex she was having with her partner,Mark Ballas? I don’t think so.

I’m not alone in being fed up with these people, apparently so is a man in Vermont, Wis. who did not care for Bristol being on the hit ABC program, once finding out he shouted “The (expletive) politics!”. He then called for his wife to bring his pistols and promptly fired a round into his television set. This led to a 15-hour standoff. This man obviously has some problems prior to this,but that’s also how sick and tired many Americans are of this family.

As far as Willow Palin using homophobic slurs, I’m not defending her use of them,but I know a lot of people her age that use those terms as slang to describe something. It’s not okay to do that and these kids need to be educated on why saying “That’s so gay!” to describe something you don’t like is a bad thing. I’m sure she’ll watch her mouth.

All I know is that I hope that these people go away sooner than later because I am just tired of them already. They are annoying. And by the way,fellas, Sarah ain’t that hot. The only good thing about her is Tina Fey’s impersonation, it’s comedy gold!

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