Believe it or not,shoes do matter

This is an entry I’ve been meaning to write forever, but I haven’t because I didn’t know what angle to come after it at. So I said screw it and decided to go with the flow on this one.
As of press time, I currently have 13 pairs of shoes, which is about nine or 10 pairs more than the average guy probably owns. I even have more shoes than both of my sisters combined, and that’s sad on their part because I don’t think they realize what I try to tell people from time to time…shoes matter for both guys and girls. In a way, it is a deal breaker for how someone is dressed and how good an outfit looks.
Now,some of you are probably saying “Oh, he is full of crap! What does it matter what kind of shoes someone has on? They’re just shoes!”. I beg to differ, they do matter. Big time.
It’s like Tom Hanks said in Forrest Gump: “You can tell an awful lot about a person by their shoes…”. That is absolutely true for a lot of people, I get a sense of one’s personality and style just by looking at what they have on their feet. Me on the other hand, I have many types of shoes. I have my dress shoes for when I have to look sharp at different functions. I have my casual Converse All Stars for down time, and I have my Nike running shoes for running and working out in.However, those who know me well know my personality and style real well and are no strangers to it whatsoever.
Like take me for instance, if I see a  young lady wearing a nice long black dress and she has on a pair of flip flops to compliment it, I’d probably cringe. And the reason why is because it tells me she doesn’t care too much about what she’s wearing and it didn’t complete the look. There’s a time and a place for flip flops (which by the way have been deemed bad for the feet,hence the reason I do not wear them at all), and with an evening gown is far from one of those times. And yes,I know that high heels hurt, but they do look pretty damn good,and that’s never a bad thing. I’m also a believer that if you look good,you feel good.
The same goes for guys. I mean ladies, would you like seeing a guy dressed in a three piece suit with a pair of white sneakers on? I doubt you would. That’s just not right, plus the 1980s are over,guys. David Letterman and Jerry Seinfeld don’t wear sneakers with a suit anymore, don’t do it. Ever.
Also,guys, black shoes don’t always have to be worn with a suit, I would recommend having a pair in your favorite color so long as you dress in it often like I do. Not many people will compliment a guy’s shoes so if you have a pair that’s another color other than black,people will notice and probably compliment them. Women get all the compliments on their shoes,it’s about time some of the fellas did,too.
In closing, it really is all about the shoes. So here’s to the ultimate deal breaker when it comes to what you are wearing.

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