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T.J. the Sports Geek’s 2017 NCAA Bracket

Hello Everybody,

Here it is, my 2017 NCAA bracket. Yeah, in past years I haven’t had a lot of success with these,nor have I been correct about a national champion,but how many of you have been? Yeah,I thought so. This year, I think I have a chance of being right. Yes,I’m choosing another Pac-12 to win it all (Deal with it!),but I think that UCLA has a shot at the national title. I think Gonzaga and Villanova will be the only top seeds to make the Final Four. I think North Carolina is the weakest of the top seeds and don’t see them advancing past the second round. I think Kansas is good enough to get to the final four,but I think Louisville is going to stand in their way and will make it to the final round themselves.

We’ll see what happens in any case and if I’m right,I’m going to say I told you so! You’ve been warned!



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