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Reviewing the Jack in the Box Really Big Chicken Sandwich

It’s been around a few weeks now, but the Jack in the Box Really big Chicken Sandwich has surprisingly been a new favorite of mine. The thing about it is, it is really nothing too special, all it is really is the regular chicken sandwich times two, plus bacon and Swiss cheese.

Those two additions along have given this sandwich something that many fast food fans a reason to keep coming back. Almost everyone I know enjoys bacon and this sandwich has it, although it could use more of it, those strips of bacon are not big enough to satisfy my appetite for it. It’s got a right amount of Swiss cheese for my taste , each person is different in that regard.

Now that Wendy’s dumped the Bacon & Blue burger (which by the way was reviewed by this site and is a total outrage that it’s gone!), I may come back to visit Jack for this item. Right now for $3.99, you can get it in the combo meal with fries and a drink, it does cost more to upgrade the size, but in my view, that is not necessary. I got me one, get you one, too, and I’ll see ya!

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