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National league baseball is fine the way it is-trust me!

BumgarnerBattingEvery once in a while the chatter comes up regarding the designated hitter and the National League finally adopting it,and it’s happened yet again and it’s pissing a lot of fans of National League baseball teams yet again. 

The chatter this time came from St. Louis where the Cardinals held their version of FanFest over the weekend where general manager John Mozeliak said there’s “more momentum” to bring the designated hitter to the National League. 

“I do feel like there were times I could look all of you in the face and say it’s a non-starter, it’s not being discussed at the owner level or GM,” Mozeliak said, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “But over the past year, it has. I’m not suggesting you’re going to see a change, but I definitely think the momentum” has changed.

If you ask Giants CEO Larry Baer, that might be otherwise.

“We are against the DH in the National League,” Baer said. “We believe in the strategy around the traditional game.”

The owners will be holding their quarterly meetings Wednesday in Coral Gables,Fla. and the topic is nowhere near the agenda,but it’s still something that can be discussed,and I’m sure it is to an extent whenever these meetings come around.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is fine with different leagues having different rules,in June adding “Not having National League pitchers hit would deprive us of the entertainment that Bartolo Colon has given us this year.”

I h0nestly feel that the designated hitter is absolutely not welcome in the National League. How do I know? Because I have yet to meet a fan of a National League team who’s in favor of it. Show me a fan from the NL who wants this and I’ll call them a liar.Fans of NL teams like their baseball the way it is and feel it’s the last beacon of traditional baseball being played anywhere. Where else can you see a phenomenal pitcher like Madison Bumgarner be able to pitch a stellar game and pick up a bat and further help his team’s cause? Where else can you see a dude like Colon pick up a bit and not be entertained by whatever happens when he’s at the plate?

I also think a lot of the strategy with managers would disappear as well, especially when it comes to when a manager takes out a pitcher. The only time I’m cool with an NL team using a DH is when they visit an AL park in the regular season or the World Series. It’s probably an inevitable thing,but I know that the NL will fight like hell not to have it as an everyday part of their league’s game. 

Long live National League baseball the way it is right now.

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