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Kings to Louisville? There’s no way it’s true.

Last week, the FOX affiliate in my area aired a story about how a group of folks on Facebook in Kentucky, Louisville to be exact, wants the Sacramento Kings to move to that city in a state that’s rich in basketball tradition.

Well the question has come up to me in the past couple days in the form of “I heard the Kings are moving to Kentucky, is this true?” or “Why are the Maloofs moving the Kings to Kentucky?”

First off, they are not moving, I repeat, not moving to Louisville. I doubt that those guys have any interest to screw over another group of fans at the moment. Second of all, if they did move there, it’s because Louisville just opened a new arena in October, the KFC Yum! Center, that can house over 22,000 fans for basketball alone. Currently, it serves as the home of University of Louisville basketball. Fans there, however, hope that they can get a professional team playing in that arena sooner than later, and what better option than a team that has two players that played college basketball there (Francisco Garcia and DeMarcus Cousins)?

While I don’t think the Kings will move there, a new arena in Louisville makes that city a viable destination for any team who wishes to move there whether it is the Kings or someone else. It is a bigger city than Sacramento, with more sporting options such as basketball at the college level and horse racing. If the Kings did happen to move there, it would be Kentucky’s first professional sports team since the Kentucky Colonels of the ABA who folded after the ABA-NBA merger in 1976.

You and I both know it; the Kings getting an arena successfully built in Sacramento is a long shot. I held out hope that the land swap deal could be the key to getting that new arena but even that is now fizzling out and that was the best idea anybody even had for that. And it’s very clear that you the public want nothing to do with funding a new arena, and I for one don’t blame you, neither do I. If owners like Joe and Gavin Maloof want one bad enough, they’d be more than willing to pay for a new building themselves.

Do I think this team is going to move? It’s hard to say. I really don’t know, and to be honest, I get sick of talking about it. Talk of getting a new arena has surrounded this team ever since before they got screwed out of a Western Conference championship in 2002. I don’t think it’s to Louisville if they do just because they (the Maloofs) want to have a hand in building a new arena, whatever city it’s in is up for debate which you guys are more than welcome to have without me.

If it’s hasn’t happened by now for Sacramento, I don’t know that it will. If they did move, I have  few worries, there’s another Northern California team I can pull for instead. Maybe I should start now.

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