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Reviewing the McRib

Normally we review things that are coming out and brand new,but today,we are reviewing something that has been around since 1981: The McRib.

You’re probably asking why we’re reviewing a product that’s been around that long,and it’s because it’s only been around sporadically since 1981, and the reason is because for one,I think it’s awesome,and two, I still know people who have gone their whole lives without trying one.

I haven’t had one since 2005, and when it came back in 2007, I forgot to get one and by the time I wanted to,it was gone. It came back in 2008 and 2009 to Southern California, but not where I live in Northern California.

So last year, I sent an e-mail to the people at McDonald’s expressing my sadness that the McRib was not good enough for us Northern Californians.

On Wednesday while I was watching the best baseball team in all the land enjoy a parade on TV, a letter came from the good folks at McDonald’s sent me a letter thanking me for my comments about the whole McRib snub, and gave me two free coupons for the McRib. So I treated my father and I to some McRibs.

The tangy barbecue sauce on the boneless pork patty is a little strong and to some people (and even myself a little) it tastes like cough syrup, but there’s something about it that tastes really good to me. Also the pickles and onions help complete the sandwich. My only wish is that it came with cheese because well, I really like cheese. However, if it came at an extra cost, I would not get it because I expect things like cheese on my fast food sandwiches.

The McRib is like a friend you haven’t seen in a while and care a lot about and you appreciate them while they are here to visit you, and I will for sure try and make the McRib a goos friend of mine while it’s still around.

You can purchase the McRib by itself for $1.99, but if you want the combo meal, it’s at a reasonable price of $4.49, only at McDonald’s.

And you know what I am already giving this thing, a Thumbs Up!

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