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Ask T.J. Anything- Jul. 30,2010

How can you say ‘ask me anything’ but then want to avoid political topics? Sounds hypocritical to me!

Because for one, I don’t follow a lot of political stuff because I get tired of talking about this stuff after a while,and also, people get hurt feelings when I go fiesta politico and send me nasty comments and it also derails friendships to the point where me and the supposed friend stop talking to one another because we can’t stand each other’s political views.

What is the miracle in Miracle Whip?

LOL The miracle is that it is still in my refrigerator and that people at my house consume it. I hate Miracle Whip with a passion,I call it SPAM (Stuff Posing as Mayonnaise), it is not mayo, it will never be mayo, give me some Best Foods mayonnaise anyday, whoops this might be an endorsement:

Hi,this is T.J. the Sports Geek,and when I want a real mayonnaise for my sandwiches,I reach for Best Foods, bring out the Best Foods and bring out the best! Where’s my check?

What do some people call a SPORT that you think is definitely not a SPORT?

Some people actually call it a sport,but I don’t…Poker. It is NOT a sport at all. It is a card game, my feeling is if most of us can participate and are good at it, it cannot be a sport. Therefore,poker is not a sport. ESPN, ESPN2, please stop showing it when there are more relevant sporting events on (baseball,football, basketball, Amish rake fights,etc.) , it’s a fun game to play, don’t get me wrong, but nowhere near being a sport.

IF you could have more time or more money what would you choose right now?

I have all the time in the world, so by default ,I choose money!

What is something you want to know more about?

The opposite sex. Just when you think you’ve figured them out, you’re back at square one. So,I think I’d like to know more about them. And NO, I don’t think watching the Mel Gibson movie What Women Want, will help. That guy has not clue about what they want, but he knows that one in particular makes him want to smoke.

Have you ever patrolled your city at night looking for crime to fight?

I have not. And the reason why is because, well, there isn’t very much crime here in Orangevale. I’d be searching for a whole bunch of nothing over here!

What will you do on December 22, 2012?

Probably go Christmas shopping, do some other stuff, maybe I might be working, who knows? I don’t believe in that 2012 stuff, just like I did not buy Y2K.

Is a 49 year old woman too old to sing “My Humps” at karaoke?

Yeah, I think so!  Some folks should stay within their demographic!

What is a favorite song lyric of yours?

It doesn’t matter what comes, fresh goes better in life.
With Mentos, fresh and full of life
Nothing gets to you,staying fresh, staying cool
With Mentos, fresh and full of life
Fresh goes better, Mentos freshness
Fresh goes better with mentos, fresh and full of life!

What’s the deal with pink lemonade? I have never seen a pink lemon.

You know, I have not seen one,either. I guess I will ask the mayor of lemons about it.

In your opinion, what is the best movie sequel ever?

Rocky III. You’ve got Rocky and Mr. T fighting it out and Apollo Creed training him to secure the Eye of the Tiger. Damn,what a great sequel!

Don’t you hate it when people show poor sportsmanship?

I do most of the time. Sometimes,I understand it if the frustration builds long enough. It happens to all of us!

My folks would say little phrases that have stuck with me all my life. Are there any pearls of wisdom from your family?

One thing my dad has said to me is that those who stay in the middle of the road get run over. In a way, that’s true, either you stand for something,or you don’t.

What’s the best Billy Joel song?

I would say My Life. Sometimes,I feel like reciting the lyrics to that song to people when I am not feeling it. Go ahead with your own life,leave me alone. Also,it was the them song to the Tom Hanks sitcom Bosom Buddies,which was a great show!

what….is your favorite kids show?

Back when I was a kid, I really loved a show on PBS called 3-2-1 Contact, it was a really cool science show where viewers would ask about different things about how science worked. I don’t watch many kids shows today,though.I am 28.

What is the biggest turn off in the opposite sex?

I definitely think smoking is a turn-off for me as well as ugly feet. Just like Eddie Murphy in Harlem Nights, if she doesn’t take care of her feet, then she’s maybe not taking care of the rest of her. I’m just saying…

Well,that’s all I have for this week, thanks to those who asked me a question, you can always ask them here at , and I might use your question on here next week, I will now leave you with a video of a dog riding a lawn mower, see you next week!

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