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2019: Setting the Table

SettingTheTable.jpgWhile I don’t consider this the greatest year I’ve had nor was it the worst, this was definitely a year of figuring things out.

Not much happened in January except for going to Disneyland for the first of four trips at the end of that month. That was a very fun trip! As were the other three. My July trip,which was during a period of medical leave,was a great time despite the temperature being 113°. In October I went back down for the Halloween holiday where I tried frozen horchata and it was delicious. I went back three weeks ago for a quick Christmas trip and it was wonderful. The candy cane beignets were absolutely scrumptious. I don’t think I’ll be doing four trips in 2019 due to other goals,which I will explain in a minute,but it was fun getting down there that often this year.

In February my second niece,Natalie,was born. She’s such an adorable little baby with the happiest of smiles and the chubbiest of cheeks. I love seeing her smile,even when she’s in a box. I also went to Giants FanFest for the first time and it was a fun experience!

March through May there wasn’t much happening. But if there was one thing I knew during that time,it was that things for me professionally weren’t going well at all. I worked in an office where I felt stifled. I felt like my friendliness wasn’t going far,that a few of my co-workers just flat out hated me,and was working too hard to be anything resembling a happy person. By June,I had nearly had enough and on the 8th of that month I nearly ended things. The following week is when I went on leave and into treatment. I think it was that time away was when I knew that I needed to get my priorities in order in terms of where I wanted to go in life. It was then that I decided that my immediate goal was to get to another office closer to home as soon as I could.

While on leave,I had two interviews and one more when I came back. The latter interview was for the office I now work in. My move to Rocklin in October has been everything I could hope for so far. I work in a quieter office with great people and a great working environment. The thing I’ve enjoyed most of all is that,for the first time in a long time,I feel useful as an employee again. I enjoy being a resource for my co-workers when they need my help or even guidance on how to do something. It means a great deal to me that I can be that once again.

Now for 2019, I want this to be a very good year full of energy,excitement,and fulfillment. I’m going to be planning for my next goal,which is saving to buy a home. I have wanted to do so for a while now and at this point,I am in a good place and am content with where I am at that I want to make that my next move. When I was in therapy,I decided to make a short term goal that would lead to a bigger goal and getting my current position was just that. Now this might mean that I will have to work a lot more and see my friends and family a little less,but this is something I really want and I’m willing to make this happen anyway I can. I feel like this year is like setting the table so it can happen.

I hope all of you have had a great 2018 and are looking forward to better days in 2019. This is our last entry of the year, I hope you have a great New Year’s Eve and wish you a great new year,wherever you may be.

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