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A closer look at Kings’ possible small forward prospects

With free agency starting on Sunday, the Kings certainly have a need to sign a small forward to add to their mix of young up and coming talent. Today,we’ll take a look at the options the Kings have might pursue to get that coveted wingman.

Now,let’s take from the table a few small forwards who are highly unlikely to come to Sacramento like LeBron James, Kevin Durant,and Paul George. Those three guys are going elsewhere and/or staying put. But after those three guys there are some mid-level guys the Kings can pursue and who would have success here.

Jabari Parker

Parker is a guy who is very talented but has had a history of injury problems and as a JabariParkerresult has been unable to crack the starting lineup in Milwaukee. In 2016-17,he did average 20.1 points per game in 51 games for the Bucks. He is also still pretty young and at 23 he would be one of the older young guys who is seasoned enough to play a prominent role on the team.

My concern is that some teams see him more as a power forward than a small forward,also he is a restricted free agent and the Kings may not make a strong enough offer for him that the Bucks would be able to match and keep him on their roster. Also,he may be a guy who is too young for the Kings to acquire in the sense of the team not willing to tie up as much money in him as they would a more seasoned veteran who is maybe 27 or 28,while Parker is 23. He would,however,be a player who,if healthy,could be a great piece for this team if they were to nab him from Milwaukee.

Rodney Hood

RodneyHoodHere’s a guy who is currently on the Cavs’ bench who could use a bigger role elsewhere. Before being shipped to Cleveland,Hood was a very good player for the Jazz and was having his best season averaging 16.8 points per game. If he can continue that kind of scoring,he would be a decent fit in Sacramento.

Even coach Dave Joerger has had great things to say about him in the past.

“He’s a heck of a player and keeps getting better and better. He’s a good player,” Joerger said back in 2016

While Hood,25,is a heck of a player and getting better, he is,like Parker,a restricted free agent. I have high doubts that the Cavaliers will be letting him get away as he’s been given an offer sheet by the team. It tells me that they might be keeping him in terms of having all the help they can get on the roster,especially if LeBron James is out the door again. The Kings also may be skittish about maybe overpaying for someone so young when they’re possibly not looking to give long-term money to him.

Mario Hezonja

This seems to be the guy that’s the most likely target for Sacramento and I remember a lot of fans wanting to draft him in 2015. While he has yet to live up to being the fifth overall pick by the Magic thus far,he has shown some flashes on the court. Hezonja,23,is coming off of his best season averaging 9.6 points per game in Orlando and he is an unrestricted free agent.Hezonja.jpg

My issue is that he hasn’t been a consistent player year in and year out,whereas guys like Parker and Hood have shown that they can be relied upon to play a strong role in what the Kings do. Maybe it’s me,but if I were to sign him,it would only be for one year with an option for a second year depending on how well he does. If he outperforms his contract,then he would definitely be worth re-upping. Otherwise,just like in 2015, I’m just not sold on the idea and I don’t care how many ties he has to Peja Stojakovic,either.

Doug McDermott

McDermott.jpgMcDermott,26,or “Dougie McBuckets” as they call him, has become a decent role player in every place he’s been and is known for shooting the three-ball very well. In his short time in Dallas,his latest team, he shot nearly 50-percent from downtown. He could be a big-time scoring threat for a young team who could use a player with that sort of spark.

The problem,however,is that like everyone but Hezonja the Mavericks can either match the Kings offer or another team who is closer to contention than the Kings are would possibly make a bigger push and offer the Mavericks more money than they’re willing to comfortably pay him. It may more likely be the latter as Dallas has withdrawn a qualifying offer to McDermott and I have a feeling a contender may be after him.

Who do I think it will be? I would like to see Parker come here,but if I’m a gambling man,I feel like it may very well be Hezonja and if that’s the case,we can all hope it works out for the best in some way. In any case,it will be interesting to see how things shake out and that starts in 72 hours.

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