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Reviewing the new Tennessee Titans uniforms

After 19 years in the same uniform as the Tennessee Titans, the team decided to go after a new look for their 20th season in the Volunteer State and on Wednesday the team unveiled them at an event in downtown Nashville.


One notable change is the color of the helmets, they’re now a navy blue color with a silver facemask and a silver stripe that fades up the middle,replacing the long-standing white helmets the team wore dating back to the days when they were the Houston Oilers. The familiar flaming circle with the T inside remains on the helmet.

The team unveiled three new jerseys. The primary home jersey is navy blue in color with white numerals trimmed in light blue, the away jersey is white with navy blue numerals trimmed in light blue,and the alternate jersey is light blue with navy blue numerals trimmed in white. All three jerseys have a silver shoulder stripe designed to resemble a sword. The jerseys have three stars inside the collar,the same number of stars on the state flag on Tennessee.

“I think if I had to describe [the new uniforms] in just one word, I would say ‘fierce’,” said Titans general manager Jon Robinson at the unveiling event. “That’s the type of football team we want to be.”

The font of the numerals is very much different. The custom, angular number fonts were designed with Greek or Roman lettering in mind. Every numeral on each jersey is shaped in a way that exemplifies the Northeast corner of Tennessee as the state appears on a map, a subtle ode to the state’s fans.

There are three different colors of pants the team will wear and with different combinations, the navy blue, the white,and the light blue pants.

Team owner Amy Adams Strunk said the uniforms have a look that should inspire.

“You take our name, the Titans, and in Greek mythology they were gods, giant gods,” Strunk said. “The thing that Nike started from the beginning was, Titans, it’s superiority. So we wanted that feel. It is going to be what you think of a Titan.”

At first,I wanted to not like these all that much,but the more I see them,the more I like about them. I do,however,wish they would’ve made one change regarding the helmet and that was to make their secondary logo, the T-sword logo with the Tennessee flag emblem in front,their primary logo. Other than that,this is a very solid look that I think fans will be excited to see their team wearing every week.

Thumbs Up!

EmmaStone TU


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