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The Things That Need to Go in 2018,Part Four


Sixty items down,60 to go as we arrive at part four of our list of the Things That Need to Go in 2018. Parts One,Two,and Three are in the books and now we move onto items 60-41. We have a few items that have made the list more than five times and some making their rookie appearance and here they are!

POliceTank60. Militarizing the police

First year selection

Part Four begins with a keepin’ it real selection.

I have never been a fan of when the military has surplus donated to various police agencies such as tanks and other weapons of the like and basically turns them into military soldiers.

I think when this happens it creates problems and trust issues with law enforcement when in fact we should be able to trust them when we need them in a time of need to protect and serve us. Nobody should have to fear them when they drive a tank around during tense times.

The police and the military should be two different entities,not one in the same. Differentiating the two is essential,in my view,if we’re to believe that relations between law enforcement and the public will ever improve.

SchillingTrump59. Curt Schilling

Second year selection

We had him on the list last year in terms of him running for President in 2020 (more on that later in the list), but now we have him on here in terms of him being an awful person.

Not only is he a far-right conservative who might be a racist and has a lot of opinions that rub a lot of people the wrong way.

Also,he thinks because of how he feels politically (which is awful,by the way) that it’s hurting his chances of becoming a Hall of Famer. No,Schill,it’s because your stats aren’t of Hall of Fame caliber. You’re in the Hall of Really Good,I’ll give you that,but you didn’t win 300 games and your ERA wasn’t the best,either. You did have over 3,000 strikeouts,but it’s just not enough.

Schilling is just as awful as it gets and I’m sick of hearing from him.

confederate-monuments-protest58. CATCH-ALL: Laws that allow people to mow down protesters and the people that go and do it

First year selections

There have been many protests around our country the last few years for various things and yes,the roadways get clogged and it gets to be a nuisance, but never should anyone get it in their heads that mowing them down with your car is the answer to the situation. Some states either were considering or have made it okay to take down a protester.

Um,isn’t that called murder/vehicular manslaughter?

We all saw what happened in Charlottesville,Va. when someone decided to do this and it cost a young woman named Heather Heyer her life at age 32. Taking matters into your own hands with your car is not okay,and if you think it is,you’re a fool.

ViciousFan57. Vicious sports fans

First year selection

You’ve seen them in the stands and even in public. Sports fans who are just vicious towards you in many different ways. Whether they’re taunting you for wearing another team’s jersey or even bullying you on social media,fans have become big jerks and even just plain mean.

There’s a difference between having a rivalry with fans having it be all in fun,but when things get personal,physical,and just plain negative,that’s when you have to step away from these people and give them their space in the hopes that maybe,just maybe,they’ll leave you alone.

WhiteEntertainmentChannel56. People who think there should be a “White Entertainment Channel”

First year selection

If there’s a bigger group of complainers than white people,show them to me because I want to see them.

White folks complain about everything from why people say Happy Holidays to why athletes don’t stand for a flag and everything in between. But one absurd complaint they’ve had this so racist it’s not even funny is that there isn’t a “White Entertainment Channel”.

Really? You’re going to complain about that?

Now I must say that I don’t have a problem with there being Black Entertainment Television at all. I don’t watch it because it just doesn’t appeal to me and that’s about it. Now on the other hand,I will partake in a little Univision or Telemundo because there’s some hilarious shows on those networks and the sad part is I can’t understand a fucking word of it.

And by the way,there are several channels white people can claim are a “White Entertainment Channel”, what the fuck do you think CMT is? Or better yet,what 95-percent of the television landscape. Just because it’s not named that doesn’t mean it’s not what it is.

Mayor De Blasio Announces Executive Order Raising Living Wage55. DNC Chairman Tom Perez

First year selection

Here’s a guy who was once the Labor secretary in Barack Obama’s cabinet who was called upon to run for DNC chairman when it was looking like the committee was going to run further left and elect a progressive in Keith Ellison. Perez did and won and gave Ellison a bullshit position of deputy chairperson.

Perez is another one of these ill-fitted corporate bozo Democrats who want to keep everything the same as it was and not allow any real change. When he went on a stupid unity tour with Bernie Sanders nobody was cheering him and beyond that a lot is failing under his watch. The committee can’t raise any money, they aren’t backing any progressive candidates who are running in special elections across the country and they are losing voters who either are going third party or independent altogether.

Perez needs to go if the Democrats ever want to be taken seriously as a real threat to the right and if they ever want to bring real change to this country.

WhiteNationalists.jpg54. CATCH-ALL: Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer,Vanguard America,and other white nationalists

First year selections

If there was one thing I never thought I’d see rise to prominence again,it was Nazis. Is it 2017 ot 1917?

Have we learned nothing from Indiana Jones? Nazis. Are. Bad.

Jared Taylor,Richard Spencer,Vanguard America and everyone else screaming white power need to go the fuck away. What’s just as bad as their existence is the fact that the guy who is supposed to be President never denounces these pukes or mentions how awful they are on Twitter.

Here’s how you do it:Nazis are bad! Bigly!

You can have that one for free,Daycare Donnie and you can do your part in making sure not to Make America White Again.

kidsonleashes53. Kids on leashes

Fourth year selection

This was on our first list back in 2011 and it’s back this year. I always get people saying that this should be higher on the list,but in the fourth part of it is where it seems to end up.

I see this all of the time (especially my many treks to Disneyland) and I cringe. I feel like the child is being treated like an animal and if I’m being honest, I think it’s going to create trust issues in the future.

I get that you want to keep your child close and safe, that’s great,but is putting them on a leash the right thing to do? I have a niece who’s almost two and I have yet to see her on a leash. Why? Because her parents care enough and are aware of where she is and let her be a kid.

Maybe instead of leashes we need to keep a better eye on the youngsters. Just a thought!

mismatchedsocks52. People who mismatch socks on purpose

Sixth year selection

I believe this is the first item to make the list a sixth consecutive year and rightfully so.

I honestly thought this trend would go away,and I think in some aspects it is,but wow do I see this a lot. It promotes laziness and immaturity if you ask me, it gives you the impression that you’re done trying.

Also,when I was growing up you got laughed at for having two different socks on. It wasn’t something you did.

Also,if you’re dating a girl who does this,she might be too young for you. Take a hint,Roy Moore!

Rams49ersColorRush.jpg51. NFL Color Rush uniforms

Third year selection

This has made our list for the third consecutive year and while it’s not on our Top 10 like the previous season, they’re still on our list and they’re not getting any better.

From the Tennessee Titans looking like giant Viagra pills to the Los Angeles Rams looking like mustard that’s come to life to the Seattle Seahawks channeling their inner highlighter, these uniforms are becoming a joke.

I get that the NFL wants to have as many gimmicks as possible,but these for me miss the mark. I think if you relaxed the one-color helmet shell rule and allowed teams to wear their throwback uniforms that it would be a much better alternative than what’s being worn now,and I think a lot of fans would agree with that.

JeansFakeMudOpenButt.png50. CATCH-ALL: Open butt jeans and Jeans with fake mud on them

First year selections

These are both first year selections and both needed to be in their own little catch-all. Well,here we are.

First off,why would you want to wear jeans with the ass cut out of them? What’s the point? Who are you trying to impress? And don’t you dare say Roy Moore!

What’s just as bad,if not worse than these are the jeans with fake mud of them that cost like $192. Why would you waste money to have that painted on them? Here’s what you can do to save money,and this tip is free on me: Get a pair of jeans that costs less money,then go out to a mud wrestling ring and go nuts! You’ll save money and possibly time. You’re welcome!

Drivethrugreenlight.png49. CATCH-ALL: People who take too much time at the drive-thru and People who take more than three seconds to go on a green light

First year selections

These two things equally bug me and that’s why they are on the list this year.
First of all,many people do things in the drive-thru that suck. Rapping their order, letting their kids order in lieu of them,but the things that gets me is when someone is taking their sweet ass time ordering when there are multiple cars behind them. Now I should mention that if nobody is behind you,take all the time you want,but if there’s a line behind your car, call an audible and get your order in. Drive-thrus are meant to get people in and out in a much faster time than if you went inside. Also, these restaurants have had the same menu items for over 30 years, pick something and we can move on with life.

The same goes for you punks who take more than three seconds to go on a green light. If you wonder why we have so many distracted drivers,this is part of it. I hate when I’m directly behind someone and they’re not going when the light is green. I once was two cars behind another car that had people dancing around in the car when the light turned green. I honked and unfortunately the driver in the car ahead of me got the middle finger intended for me, but you know what? I got places to be,so fuck your car dance! It’s been happening way too much,especially this year and people need to learn what the lights on a stoplight mean. Here,I’ll give you one of the answers:

Green means go!

SlippersInPublic48. Wearing slippers in public

Fifth year selection

This has made the list for a second consecutive year and I have to agree. I actually have seen this as recently as Monday and it reminded me of this list.

Now,I should amend this by saying that if you’re going to the store to get milk at 10 at night at Raley’s, it’s acceptable to be in slippers and pajamas. But when you’re going to Costco at 2pm on a Wednesday is not the appropriate time to be in slippers. In fact,it’s straight up lazy.

It’s just as bad as when people wear two different socks (which we covered not that long ago). It’s not hard to put on shoes,if I have to wear them everyday art work,you have to wear them everyday in society. Slippers are called house shoes for a reason.

goalieinterference47. The NHL replay system in its current form

First year selection

If you think the NFL,NBA,or even Major League Baseball have flawed replay systems, then you haven’t seen the NHL’s.

It’s not a very good one despite the fact that it’s been around for a while now. I’ll give you an example-during the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Edmonton Oilers and the Anaheim Ducks,goalie interference was missed several times which helped cost the Oilers a chance to win the series.

It disappointed a lot of fans and even commentators that those called were missed in multiple games,it’s even raised concerns that the league and commissioner Gary Bettman (more on him in part five) have a bias against Canadian teams being successful in the playoffs and having a chance to end the drought of Canadian teams winning a Stanley Cup.

I don’t necessarily subscribe to that theory,but I do think that the replay system needs to be improved and a definition of what goalie interference is should be set in stone.

MaddowReid46. CATCH-ALL: Rachel Maddow and Joy Ann Reid

First year selections

I’m probably going to catch some heat for this from my friends on the left,but I don’t care. These two MSNBC hosts do not have much of a progressive spine in their bodies.

They both are looking for anything to justify why Hillary lost (I know why she lost,and I’m going to tell you why later in the list) and they don’t talk much about issues that affect this country greatly that they could be talking about on their shows.

For Maddow,it’s all about Russia. All she talks about on her show is Russia,Russia,Russia. It’s becoming as bad as Benghazi talk was on the right and it gets old and annoying. But I guess when you make as much as she does you don’t have to push a progressive agenda on your show or do the right thing.

As for Reid,she’s such a shill for the establishment Democrats and does nothing but belittle anyone who didn’t vote for Clinton but describes themselves as liberal. Maybe it’s because they wanted someone who would actually fight for real issues instead of keeping things the same as they ever were and not yielding to any real difference for anything.

WarriorsCavs45. NBA Superteams

Second year selection

This made our second list many moons ago and it’s back because honestly,I’m done seeing the same two teams make the NBA Finals every year and a lack of parity in the league.

In my view, having all the good players in the league on a select few teams is going to do nothing but hurt the league down the road. When fans decide not to support their team because it’s been a long time since they got a good team on the floor and a chance at a playoff berth.

There’s a lot the NBA needs to do and should do to make the league more competitive and to keep good players in cities that are more small market than most and I’ve offered those ideas in past columns and other entries,the league just doesn’t seem interested in doing that.

Until they do, they’re going to make the league unwatchable for 28 other fan bases for years to come.

PapaJohns44. Papa John’s Pizza

Fourth year selection

Peyton Manning’s buddy has made the list after a year absence from it and for good reason.

First of all,his pizza sucks! It does not have better ingredients,nor is it better pizza.

Beyond that,he in the past has had no problem giving pizzas away at the expense of having to provide healthcare options for his employees.

The thing that brought him back to the list was his blaming poor sales on the protesting of NFL players,only to try and buy it all back after Neo-nazis made it their pizza of choice. Maybe if your pizza wasn’t awful and if you weren’t such a weasel yourself,maybe your business would be doing better,John. Just sayin’…

DaylightSavingTime43. Daylight Saving Time

Third year selection

We have it on the list for the third year in a row and a lot of people are catching onto the idea that we just don’t need this anymore and shouldn’t have to change clocks twice a year.

It’s not just the changing forward or back an hour that is bothersome,it’s also something that messes with your cycle of life for about a good week and it’s never fun to go through and I think Arizona and Hawaii have something good going here. Let’s copy off of their exams to see if it’ll get us a good grade,too!


42. Ted Nugent

Second year selection

We all know how conservative he is and we all know how much he loves humping Donald Trump’s leg and all, but claiming that “liberalism is slavery”, that gun control is a “Jewish conspiracy” and that poor people are stupid and should be banned from the voting process. He’s also expressed interest in shooting immigrants who come across the border.

But then again,what do you expect from a man who claimed to have shit himself for a week in order to get out of serving in Vietnam? That’s worse than getting five deferments for “bone spurs”. Also,he was part of that white people party he had with Trump,Kid Rock,and Sarah Palin at the White House earlier this year.

I really don’t like this guy and I actually can’t listen to his music anymore. His views on politics and on life ruined it for me.

Barbecue241. Neighbors who complain about other people BBQing

First year selection

This was inspired by one of my friends’ Facebook status about how his neighbors were complaining about the barbecuing that he and his friends were doing and it absolutely puzzled me.

There are a lot of things to complain about that are valid, but why this? And by the way this was during the summertime when a lot of people barbecue.

If there’s one thing I won’t get sick of no matter what time of the year it is it’s the smell of barbecued meat. It’s welcome by me year round. It has a wonderful smell to it-the smell of deliciousness. I get that some folks can’t take smelling smoke because of health problems,and for them I get it,but honestly, barcecued food is just a beautiful fragrance that should never be complained about.

Part Five comes out tomorrow!

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