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Odds & Ends-Volume 184


We begin this special Saturday edition of Odds & Ends with the fight that I’ve decided to HarperStricklandcoin the Memorial Day Melee during Monday’s game between the Giants and Nationals.

It happened in the eighth inning with Washington up 2-0. Hunter Strickland was on the mound for San Francisco when Bryce Harper came to the plate. Harper was hit in the leg with Strickland’s first pitch and it was on. Harper proceeded to charge the mound and threw his helmet (poorly,I might add) and both players exchanged punches before the benches emptied onto the field.

Infielder Michael Morse and pitcher Jeff Samardzija collided into each other with their heads,with the former suffering a concussion. Only Harper and Strickland were ejected in the melee. Strickland had to be restrained by three of his teammates on his way back to the clubhouse. It was also mentioned that Strickland tried to get to the Washington clubhouse,but was denied.

In the 2014 NLDS, Harper homered off Strickland twice, after one of those home runs, Harper was being stared down by Strickland and in return he yelled at him in the dugout. It is believed that this brawl was started as a result of that ancient history and the animosity Strickland harbored for Harper.

In the end,Harper was suspended three games (originally four before appealing) and Strickland got a six game ban for his involvement.

Okay,so I gotta say this, I actually enjoyed the fight. First off, the Giants weren’t going to win that game and if you’re not going to win on the field,you may as well kick some ass. I have seen plenty of basebrawls in my lifetime and it never hurts to see another one. I had no problem with what happened.

PoseyBrawlI also had next to no problem with Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner staying out of it.

Usually a catcher is nearly required to intervene to either prevent a batter from going after the pitcher or taking on the batter himself who wants to go out and get the pitcher.

However,this was not Posey’s fight to take on. This was Strickland’s battle and there wasn’t much of a reason for him to get involved and possibly risk getting hurt. If it was prudent for Posey to get in there and mix things up and he didn’t,then yeah,I take issue, but this time was not really his,nor the rest of the Giants’, fight to take on.

As for Bumgarner, his exit to the clubhouse was wise. Bumgarner,whose season crashed and burned off a dirtbike in Denver on the team’s off day, was the lone player in the dugout before heading to the exit in order to not get involved. Players on the disabled list are not allowed on the field.

Both of these players to me were in the right and were wise to let Strickland,Harper,and the rest of the team hash it out.

One story I couldn’t believe when I heard it because it was so outrageous was a Nashville Predators fan getting arrested in Pittsburgh for throwing a catfish onto the ice during Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals.USP NHL: STANLEY CUP FINAL-NASHVILLE PREDATORS AT S HKN PIT NSH USA PA

A tradition in Nashville is to throw catfish onto the ice in celebration, much like the tradition of the octopus on the ice in Detroit and stores in Pittsburgh tried their hardest to make catfish available for traveling Predators fans to throw onto the ice during Penguins home games in the Finals.

Well one fan got one through and even though you’re supposed to throw it when your team scores, this fan probably couldn’t hold that dead catfish in his pants any longer.

The fan was ejected from PPG Paints Arena and was later arrested a block away for disorderly conduct, disrupting a meeting, and possessing instruments of a crime.

A crime? Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me?

The only crime this man is guilty of is smelling like a dead fish in public. I’km so tired of hockey trying to legislate the practice of throwing stuff on the ice. It’s tradition. Whether it’s Detroit or Nashville or anywhere, it is and has been a sport where fans celebrate by throwing various items on the ice. It isn’t a crime,it’s a celebration!

I truly hope this guy has charges dropped against him for doing something most fans of hockey would do themselves.

Finally this weekend, is there a such thing as a Kardashian curse in the world of sports?

Many fans seem to think that if you date and/or marry a Kardashian,chances are your career in sports may suffer some very bad consequences.

From Reggie Bush to Kris Humphries to Lamar Odom and many more, so many men who have been with a Kardashian have had it bad during and after the relationship. Bush wasn’t the same player after splitting with Kim, Humphries had his points per game slashed in half after his 17-day marriage to Kim, Odom almost died after splitting,but reuniting with Khloe.

TristanThe latest victim of the curse is Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson. In the first game of the NBA Finals (a series that features the same two teams and the same two teams only), Thompson scored zero points on three shots while playing 22 minutes in Cleveland’s blowout loss to the Warriors. Thompson is dating Khloe Kardashian.

Many seem to think that he may be the latest victim of this so-called curse, or he and his team are probably overmatched in the series. In any case,it’s an interesting theory as to why so many guys have had bad luck in their careers when they’ve been in a courtship with a Kardashian. I don’t know if I believe in it,but it’s not far-fetched.

That’s all for this week’s Odds & Ends,we’ll see you next time!

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