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Leftovers-The Things That Need to Go in 2017

So,you’re probably wondering what didn’t make the Things That Need to Go in 2017 list,right? What items weren’t exactly good enough to be on this list this year?

Well,I got you covered. Here are a few of the items that were on the bubble but didn’t quite make the final list of 100.




This didn’t make the list like it did last year because nobody really uses this anymore.

About a year or two ago so many people were using Dubsmash to make videos of themselves lip-synching songs (terribly,I might add) and it even got to the point where Jimmy Fallon was playing with Dubsmash with celebrities on The Tonight Show despite the fact that Dubsmash is a terrible app.

But like I said,the users of this app aren’t very many,it’s probably getting as many hits as MySpace does nowadays.

singlemothersdayFather’s Day doubling as “Single Mother’s Day”

This made the list before and I have never been fond of single moms doing this and you wanna know why? Because there’s already a holiday called “Mother’s Day”. We get it, the father of your kids isn’t around and is more than likely a scumbag, but that doesn’t entitle you to have an additional Mother’s Day.

Single dads aren’t going around proclaiming that Mother’s Day is “Single Father’s Day”. It’s disingenuous to do that and if any single father did it so many mothers and women everywhere would have fits of outrage.

I think we should put the brakes on Single Mother’s Day once and for all. This had enough juice to make the list,but I couldn’t put it there because it doesn’t happen as much as it once did,but when it does it makes me mad.

HFCSHigh fructose corn syrup

This has been on the low end of the list a couple of times and had many items not been on the list regarding politics it probably would’ve made an encore appearance, but it doesn’t mean that HFCS still isn’t bad for you.

I will say this,though. I’m happy to see that many products are being made without the use of HFCS and even exclaim it on the product itself. I think we’re going to see more of that in the years ahead and that we’ll see the end of this product that has never been any good for you or should’ve been in existence to begin with.

420socks4/20 and marijuana socks

This is and has usually been on the list every year,so why did it get skipped? Because I simply forgot about it and now that marijuana is becoming legal to use recreationally almost everywhere, there’s not much of a need to place it on the list anymore.

Don’t get me wrong,I still hate 4/20 and the idea that there’s an actual holiday behind it, but like I said, there’s no need to place it on the list anymore. I also don’t like marijuana socks because honestly if you’re wearing socks like that,you’re basically advertising the kind of person you are.

yeezyYeezy shoes

These hideous shoes should have been a part of a catch-all with Kanye West in Part Six of our list,but I didn’t think to put these on the list along with him.

These shoes are pretty damn ugly. I’d say they’re as ugly as the Steph Curry early bird special shoes that came out during the summer. Beyond that,they’re way too expensive and too rich for my blood. The Yeezy is proof that wealth isn’t always going to get you class nor will the overpriced footwear you just bought look any good on your foot.

palinmeme2Sarah Palin and her awful family

These awful people usually make a yearly appearance on the list and this year they were on the brainstorming list (it’s not a proper brainstorming list without them), but the main reason why they weren’t was because they weren’t that prevalent this year.

Sure,the mama grizzly was out there in support of the angry Cheeto man who will unfortunately be the next President of our country next month and yes,her horny daughter got pregnant yet again,but largely they were out of the spotlight and for good reason.

I have no doubt in my mind that these morons will be on the list again in the future,but it’s about time they had a year off. That’s my Christmas gift to them.

brownsfanstalkingtrashFans whose teams didn’t make the postseason but still talk shit about your team

This is the equivalent of people who didn’t vote (or don’t) and they complain about politics and politicians.

When your team misses the postseason (even by a little bit), you cannot talk mess about someone’s team when their team is in. It doesn’t matter how they got to the tournament,or even why, their team is there.

Instead of dissing someone else for being a winner,maybe you should look at why your team didn’t make it and hope that one day they make it again.

mannequinchallengeThe Mannequin Challenge

This was actually on the brainstorming list,but I decided not to put this on the list because I don’t think the Mannequin Challenge will have a long shelf life.

Just like dabbing,I have a strong feeling that anyone who does this in the coming year is going to have bad luck. Like if a team is in the Super Bowl and decides to do this before a game that they’re going to lose. Or if there’s an election of some sort and if a candidate/nominee does it,they’ll lose.

Like I said, I think it will be a thing of the past come 2017,but if it isn’t,it may be a candidate for the Things That Need to Go in 2018 list.

CasillaBalkBroadcasting replays of Giants games that they lost

As a Giants fan the thing that hurts just as much when they lose is the network that broadcasts many of their games deciding that we need to relive the misery,therefore as a result they replay the game so fans can see their favorite team lose all over again.

I know,I know, just about every team does this regardless of the outcome of the game,but when the team loses,it doesn’t need to be seen again. We need to do whatever we can to make sure we can keep people happy,don’t bring them down by showing them why Denard Span hit into a double play to end the game. Come on now!

blindinglightsPeople who blind you with their headlights

This wasn’t on the list this year,but it’s getting enough steam to be on future lists.

I’m guilty as sin of doing this and if you’ve been behind me when I have my brights on,I apologize. I don’t have the best vision at night and at times need a little assistance and for those of you who have your brights on as a necessity,this doesn’t really apply to you.

For all the rest of you who do it just to be an asshole, knock it off. I’m tired of being in front of someone (in a big ass truck usually) who has their bright headlights on and is blinding me big time with their headlights. My eyes are bad enough already,don’t make them any worse. I for real have had to pull into parking lots so these pricks can be in front of me just so my eyes can recover for a minute and then I get back on the road and I’m okay.

Turn down your brights if your eyes are fine.

That does it for the list! We’ll do it over again in 2017!

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