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Giants lacking passion,emotion,and life in even year

Giants fans,does it seem like something is lacking with this 2016 team? Not just the wins, not just production, it’s passion,emotion,and life in the clubhouse.

It's been a disapponting second half for Johnny Cueto and the Giants.

It’s been a disapponting second half for Johnny Cueto and the Giants.


The first half went so well,they had the best record in baseball and then the second half started and the Giants have been flat ever since. And it’s frustrating and even embarrassing.

From Casilla’s balk-off in San Diego to losing to the Orioles at home after being up 7-1 in that game to getting swept at home by the Pirates,the positives have been very few and the baseball has not been very fun to watch. This team,which should be better on paper,is playing like the worst team in baseball in the second half.

Where is the passion on this team? In past years where the Giants have won it all there’s always been that one guy or that one thing that brings them all together. In 2010, this team came back from being 10 games down in the NL West and on Game 162 against the Padres won it, due in part to the team having a bunch of “misfits” on the roster such as Brian Wilson with his crazy beard and his awesome orange cleats that the Marlins made him color with a Sharpie and Pat Burrell who was deemed “washed up” after being released by the Rays earlier that season. In 2012, you had Hunter Pence,who was traded at the deadline by the Phillies who was getting the team fired up and they looked like they were having fun again. In 2014, the team was fueled with some new blood like Joe Panik, Matt Duffy, Andrew Susac and Hunter Strickland. This year, the team looks like they don’t have very much going for them in the spirit department. The fun-loving teeam full of energy and determination looks dormant, empty,and lifeless.

You can see it when the team loses a 1-0 decision against Rich Hill and Dodgers on Wednesday night. You can see it when Casilla blows another save. You can see it when the offense can’t even get a runner in scoring position in a game.
It’s not just the players on the team that have been bad,it’s everyone. The front office didn’t do enough at the trade deadline to get this team the help they need and they may have even made the mistake of trading away Matt Duffy. I was initially happy with the Will Smith and Matt Moore trades,but those have been busts so far. The Ed Nunez trade is working out okay,but when there’s still more to be desired with the club following the deadline, it doesn’t look good.

Not just the front office has suffered, the coaches are and have been subpar,mainly the team’s third base coach, Roberto Kelly. This is Kelly’s second season at that position,having moved from first base following Tim Flannery’s retirement. Kelly has made a lot of questionable decisions in regards to whether or not to send a runner,decisions that I think have cost the team a win or two in this second half. I’ve also not been a fan of Hensley Muelens at hitting coach. When the team gets collectively ice cold as they’ve been known to do frequently, that’s on the hitting coach. Not to mention when your hitting coach had a lifetime average of .216 himself,he’s probably not the best candidate for the job. Also, is Bruce Bochy sick?

This year was supposed to be different. You had Jeff Samardzija and Johnny Cueto coming over via free agency. You had Hunter Pence and Joe Panik coming back from injury. You had the other players who have done it before and the best manager in baseball at the helm. Instead, it’s been a disaster and while fans hope things do turn around, they’re wondering exactly how that’ll even happen.

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