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Odds & Ends-Volume 112


LevisStadiumI’m actually beginning Odds & Ends this week with this story about 49ers fans wanting out of their Season Builders Licenses. Many fans have become disenchanted with the game-day experience at Levi’s Stadium ever since it opened the season before. Many blaming the hotter temperatures and subpar tailgating experiences.

“Half the stadium, we get beat up by the sun. So if you’re going to watch a game, you want to enjoy, drink a few beers. Here, you drink a few beers, and you get beat up, come home with sunburn, it’s just a bad experience,” Tuan Le of San Jose told KGO-TV in San Francisco

Also of complaint is the switch to digital tickets rather than a hard copy,which can’t be printed out until 72 hours before the game making them harder to re-sell.

While I do agree that the 72-hour window to get hard tickets as a season ticket holder is total bullshit,blaming the heat as a reason why you don’t want the tickets is another thing. You knew good and well that Santa Clara is not as cool temperature-wise as San Francisco when you got these seats,right? Honestly,if you can’t handle the heat, then you’re kind of a pussy. Live up here in Sacramento and then come back and see me about how hot it is in the Bay Area.

First of all,it’s called sunscreen,purchase some. Second of all, if you’re going to buy season tickets for a team,know the consequences first. This ain’t Candlestick,it will never be Candlestick,it’s a new stadium and it takes time to get used to a new place. I honestly don’t believe the team ever talked to their season ticket holders about their experience,otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about this,but on the fan’s end, make sure you know who and what you’re dealing with. I don’t think a lot of these season ticket holders did that and this is the result.

kaepernicksackmatthewsColin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers’ woes continue. After playing a tough first half and limiting the Packers to seven points, the 49ers could not capitalize on several red zone opportunities and Kaepernick was hearing it from everyone. From fans on social media. From the abundance of Packers fans who were in attendance at Levi’s Stadium (Seriously,that place sounded like Lambeau Field West yesterday), to the 49ers fans booing him at the stadium, to even Clay Matthews who told him on the field that ” You ain’t Russell Wilson,bruh!”. Matthews even imitated Kaepernick’s bicep kissing gesture once known as “Kaepernicking” back when he was still good.

Kaepernick went 13/25 for 160 passing yards and an interception. he was also sacked six times. He did lead the 49ers to the red zone a few times, but at times loooked scared to throw the ball, threw it away when he shouldn’t have,and made dismal short throws that fell at the receivers’ feet.

When questioned by reporters regarding Matthews’ comment, Kaepernick said he was focused on the next play and that he didn’t notice him.

Coach Jim Tomsula has given his quarterback a vote of confidence saying he gives them the best chance to win. I disagree with that statement so long as the offensive line has more holes than a block of Swiss cheese and the tutelage from Kurt Warner in the offseason fails to pay off. It is not looking good at all for Kaepernick or the 49ers and with the team heading to the East Coast for a Sunday night match-up with the Giants,who have won two straight, it doesn’t get much better. I may be picking the New York Giants for once and I absolutely fucking hate that team, but I need to pick winners and am getting desperate so…

If you were watching the Jets-Dolphins game that was being played in London on Sunday, you may have noticed that the end zones appeared to have been painted and then they weren’t. Yep,that’s because CBS was digitally filling them and they did a pretty poor job of it.

The Jets endzone was superimposed with a white Jets wordmark,while the Dolphins had a teal and orange wordmark superimposed on an outline of their wordmark on the field by CBS. The outlines didn’t match up,especially on the Jets end zone and it was distracting and confusing.OutlinePaint

Is the NFL really this cheap to buy paint to use on the end zones for the game? Perhaps,but also it may have to do with the game being played in Wembley Stadium and the paint would last for weeks long after the NFL has left the place. Either way,it was very distracting to watch the game have a painted end zone and then all of a sudden not be painted. I think this was a swing and a miss by the NFL and CBS and this idea should be abandoned by the time the NFL is there again. Either use real paint or don’t use any at all.

ScobeeKickers did not have the best of days in week four of the NFL season. From Josh Scobee’s misses late in Thursday’s game that ultimately led to his release to Saints kicker Zack Hocker missing a chip shot field goal to win the game in regulation, this weekend was very unkind to placekickers.

Former kicker Jay Feely,who is a free agent (Steelers?),says the extra long extra point may be to blame.

“It just helped in general to have no pressure, to have a play where you can go out there and not worry about the result and focus on your form. That helped you get grooved in because you have to do something terrible to miss it,” Feely said to FOX Sports, “It reminds me a lot of the play-calling for a quarterback at the beginning of a game when you try to get him in a groove and you throw a couple of slants or screens or different things like that to allow him to get comfortable in the game. But now, it’s not like that at all. There’s pressure on that kick, so you can’t relax at all and you can’t take that in-game practice to get comfortable.”

I think Feely has a point. The extra point is now longer (which,in my opinion,was far from one of the league’s major problems) and while kickers are still making the majority of them (283/300 on the season), I think it is taking the strength from their legs to try and kick more meaningful field goals that can win games from 40 yards back or 50 yards back. I think the NFL needs to stop this insane 33-yard extra point rule because it’s not fun to see kickers missing the ones that really count no matter the length.

A friend and I were texting back and forth about this and I’ve gotta talk about it. Ohio State is still number one in the AP Poll and the Coaches Poll after narrowly beating Indiana in Bloomington on Saturday by a score of 34-27 to remain undefeated.

Here’s the question, do the Buckeyes deserve to be number one in the polls?

Some might argue that they do as they are the defending national champions and as long as they keep OhioStatewinning,no matter how ugly the win is, they’re the top team in the country. Others may say otherwise because they are a shaky team and haven’t won convincingly in many of their games this season (except for Hawaii) while other teams like TCU,for instance, have won games by a convincing margin like the Horned Frogs’ 50-7 rout of Texas on Saturday. Some have even made a case for the Utah Utes being the top team in the country as they are the top team in the Power Rankings.

I’m more of the mindset of the latter as a team like TCU,Baylor,or even Utah should be ranked number one. I’d maybe rank Ohio State fourth or fifth at this point. I think they will remain in the top spot until someone else beats them,which maybe a while given their schedule coming up. Their biggest test is going to be when they host Michigan State on Nov. 21,a game I see them winning because they’re at home.

It doesn’t matter how ugly the win it is for them, the Buckeyes are going to be ranked in the top spot just because of who they are right now,who their coach is, and if they get the W.

SelfiesatDBacksGamesI’d be remissed if I didn’t talk about the group of sorority girls from the Diamondbacks game who were heavily criticized for talking selfies during the game instead of watching the game they were at.

The girls from Arizona State’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority were in attendance at Wednesday’s game against Colorado and while Diamondbacks announcer Steve Berthiaume was doing an in-game plug for T-Mobile, the camera cut to the girls taking selfies and doing nothing but taking selfies. Berthiaume and color analyst and former D-Backs manager Bob Brenly took jabs at the girls saying they should be watching the game instead of being so self-involved with their phones.

I actually agree with the men. You’re there to watch a goddamn baseball game. If you’re going to be there to take a selfie,then don’t be there. There are other fans who would probably like to go instead of you who would make better use of the tickets. When I go to games,I’m there to enjoy the game with people I like and care about,not to take a selfie,read a book, or fiddle with my phone.

That said,I do like that the team reached out to the girls after they were playfully criticized and offered them tickets. The girls declined and asked that a donation be made to families at A New Leaf ,a local non-profit that helps support victims of domestic violence since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I do hope the Diamondbacks made that donation.

AffeldtNot many retiring middle relievers get a farewell ceremony, but Jeremy Affeldt did and had to have one of the better ceremonies I’ve ever seen. On Sunday, I switched over from football to see the ceremony before the Giants’ final game of the season against Colorado.

The ceremony began with Bryan Stow,the fan injured following a 2011 altercation at Dodger Stadium, introducing Affeldt.

Then Bruce Bochy came to the podium to speak about Affeldt,36, from him at the plate to his dumb injuries he caused to himself, leaving him on the DL to his work in the community. Matt Cain did the same as did Giants CEO Larry Baer who announced that the team would make a donation to Affeldt’s youth ministry,Generation Alive.

I think the thing that got to me the most and it had me welling up with tears in my eyes was when Affeldt talked about his father.

“It is so important for dads to encourage their sons and tell them that you’re proud of them. And I was 12 years old in the Oakland Coliseum and I looked at my dad and I said ‘Dad,I’m gonna play here one day’ and my dad patted me on the head and he said ‘Go for it,kid’,” Affeldt said. Affeldt also talked about a time his dad saw his son pitch against the Seattle Mariners in Seattle when he was with Kansas City.

“And the bases were loaded with Mike Cameron up and a 3-2 count and I struck him out and my mom said my dad was yelling all over the stadium ‘That’s my boy’.” His dad,David, then emerged from his seat to hug his son. Having lost my father earlier this year, that moment made me cry because I know how much it meant to him to have his father there at that moment. It’s a moment that I wish I could still have with my dad and it was just such a great genuine moment that ignoring it and not sharing it with all of you would be shameful.

I’m honestly going to miss this guy playing baseball. He’s more than a middle reliever, he’s a great mentor, a great humanitarian,and an overall great guy. Baseball needs more Jeremy Affeldts.

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