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Reviewing the new Atlanta Hawks uniforms

HawksAltFor a little while now,I’d been hearing rumors of the Hawks getting new uniforms. This after the team promoted it’s alternate Pac-Man 2.0 logo used this season to the primary logo. On Wednesday, the team unveiled their new uniforms.

Blue is no longer a secondary color and is replaced with black. Also,If you read my NBA Draft Preview published earlier in the week, you’ll notice I used neon green for Atlanta’s pick.That’s also a secondary color,referred to by the team as Volt Green.

The home uniforms have ATLANTA in red block letters on the front instead of HAWKS (In fact,none of the new uniforms have the team’s nickname on the jersey). The numerals are written in volt green with red borders. The shorts have two red stripes on one side with the Hawks logo seen as per usual and HAWKS going down the other side of the shorts.

The road uniform is black with ATLANTA spelled out in red block letters with volt green borders. The numeral is also volt green bordered with red. The shorts have red and green stripes on one side with the Pac-Man logo in green. The other side has HAWKS in red letters.NewHawksUnis

The alternate uniform is red with ATL in black letters with green borders and the numerals is,you guessed it,green but with a black border. The shorts have black and green stripes with the Pac-Man logo in green on one side. The other side has HAWKS in black letters.

The jerseys have this triangular pattern on the front and back,it’s kinda reminiscent of a Hefty bag. Just sayin…

I believe the Volt Green is supposed to be near the same neon green used in the Hawks’ color scheme in the early 1970s,which I think was their worst color scheme in their history. 

The shorts of the road set and the alternate are also mentioned to be mixed and matched from time to time, something I think is a terrible idea. Remember the Wizards’ gold jersey with black shorts? That was a bad look.

Overall,I’m not mad that the team decided to go with a new look,but I do think the use of neon green was a bad idea and down the road, this could be something that’s laughed at. I think the opportunity to go back to red,gold,and black was missed and I think the team might give going back to the drawing board in a couple of years might be a better idea. Also,never mix and match different uniform shorts.

Thumbs Down!


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  1. Thumbs up and two snaps! This is not for the bland boring peppy type that has never wore more than jeans and khakis..jake from State Farm..Lets go Hawks! When Denver broncos changed its uniform everyone thought they were weird looking…

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