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Five years gone by,many more to come


Today marks the fifth anniversary of this very blog. On Feb. 10,2010 is when the first post of what was then known as All Things Orange was posted. Not long after the blog came to life, it became T.J. the Sports Geek and is now!

While this is primarily a sports blog,we’ve written about more than just that. From how we act as a society to reviewing fast food, so many things have been covered by this blog. We even count down the Things That Need to Go for the next year every December,which has become the blog’s signature series piece.

Some of my favorite things that I have written other than The Things That Need to Go lists are pieces about the San Francisco Giants and the championship years, the Sacramento Kings saga of whether or not they will stay, and most recently the memories I have of my late father. I also have enjoyed writing about the Oakland A’s and the reason being is because of how polarizing they are as a franchise and they operate in a way that puzzles and surprises me.

There are features that have come and gone and some I want to do more of, but the thing that keeps me doing this blog is how fun it has been and the reaction I get to what I write. A lot of it is and has been positive,but the negative comments are ones that get me thinking about what to write next and I’ve also realized that even people who don’t care for what I write still read what I have to say because it might be interesting enough to read,even if it’s an opinion you don’t agree with.

Five years later,with the blog just hitting 90,000 views and posts to date (including this one) up to 588, I can’t wait to do more with it. As always,I welcome feedback and even suggestions to make even better. I hope you’ll keep reading in the months and years to come!

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