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Odds & Ends-Volume 90


GeorgeKarlThe Sacramento Kings may be going through coaches faster than the players go through shoes this season. The team has been in talks with future Hall-of-Fame coach George Karl to coach the team and salvage what’s left of a lost season.

Karl had publicly expressed interest in the job after the Kings fired their first coach this season,Michael Malone, despite the team having started the season well and injuries and illness to DeMarcus Cousins.

Here’s my question: Why the fuck didn’t this happen in the first fucking place?

As I’ve stated previously, I don’t have a problem with the team making a coaching change so long as it means you’re bringing in someone better, and when the Kings stuck with Ty Corbin over bringing in someone much more proven like Karl or Mark Jackson, then it makes you question if the new ownership group along with its management are doing the right thing. The fans in Sacramento don’t want to go through watching a team run by nother group of rich idiots, they had enough of that with the Maloofs and if you don’t learn from history, you’re doomed to repeat it.

I support the idea of bringing Karl in because he gets the most out of the team and the talent that he inherits. I just wish this move was made before when they fired their coach the first time.

The Calgary Flames recently purchased the Stockton Thunder of the ECHL and will be the Flames’ new AHL affiliate next season. StocktonThunder15

The only problem is we don’t know what they will be known as next season. The team is holding a name the team contest where fans will help choose a new name for the team now that they’re owned by an NHL franchise.

Here’s my question: Why do they even need a new name?

Why is it that whenever a minor league team gets bought and then stays in town that a new name has to be attached? I think with the Stockton Thunder there is no need for a new team name, a lot of fans like the team the way it is and judging from the reaction I’ve seen on social media, there seems to be a consensus that the team’s name should stay the same,and I agree. Why change what isn’t broken?

If there’s a change they need to make,it’s the dirt on the mascot Thor’s head. Wash that thing,holy shit!

mlb logoMajor League Baseball is considering using a bidding system where cities and teams can vie for being a host city for the Mid-Summer Classic,and I don’t think it’s a good idea.

In the same manner that a city bids for the Super Bowl, cities would put theit bid in to host the All-Star Game and a city will win the chance to host the game. In the game’s 82-year history, the host city usually alternates between the American and National leagues. New commissioner Rob Manfred has no outline on how the bidding would work,but sources say that rather than choosing cities based on which league they’re in, All-Star Game hosts will be chosen in the future based a city’s merits and the ballpark itself as well as which team and city can produce the best experience for the game.

I really don’t like the idea myself because chances are a lot of small-market teams could get shut out of the process because bigger markets would get all the chances to bid on the game, especially big cities like New York and Los Angeles who have hosted in recent years compared to cities like Washington and Miami,who never have and have newer ballparks.

I also just like the way the system is currently set up for who hosts the game,it’s worked well for all this time and I think it should stay the same. I know Manfred wants to make changes to the game for the better,and that’s noble,but this is one that I just don’t see being necessary.


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