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The Worst Things About 2014

While I thought 2014 was a pretty decent year,there were some things that sucked about it,too. To highlight those,here is my list of the Worst Things About 2014.

HIMYM10. The How I Met Your Mother finale

I admit that I wasn’t a fan of this show. I had nothing against it,I just didn’t watch it,probably because it was on at the same time as Monday Night Football (Our CBS affiliate airs everything an hour earlier despite being in the Pacific Time Zone). But I did hear about and saw part of the finale that aired this past spring and I have to say that it was not a very good way to end the show and was a slap in the face to fans. So much so that there was even a petition to change the ending. If you want to know how it ended, Barney and Robin married,then divorced. The mother on the show died and it turns out Ted tells this story because he wants to date Robin again. Despite my lack of interest in the show, I feel that the people who did watch it and spent nine years of their life doing so were robbed of a decent ending for it. I think Seinfeld fans might feel better now about how that show ended. I hope my favorite show,Modern Family, gets a better send off when it decides to end, fans of that show deserve it.

CopenhagenZoo9. The Copenhagen Zoo slaughtering healthy animals

Though we covered this sorry excuse for a zoo in our Things That Need to Go in 2015 list, it still was an awful thing for The Copenhagen Zoo to kill animals who were otherwise healthy. First the baby giraffe who was euthanized in front of children, then fed to the lion cage, then four baby lion cubs were also killed to make way for a male adult lion.

I just think there was a better way to handle their animal problems than killing them off. Send the animals to another zoo or better yet, send them off into the wild. Anything other than this.

icant8.The hashtag #icant

I’ll admit that I really didn’t see a lot of people use this,but obviously friends of mine have and suggested I place this on the list. I don’t really get it,nor do I care to because I think it’s pretty bad. You can’t what? Finish your god damn sentence!

7. Neel Kashkari’s political commercials

Worse than Neel Kashkari’s chances of winning the governorship of California were his campaign ads. First there was the one where he is chopping wood and then chopping a train because he wants to stop the Bullet Train (which won’t happen,get the fuck over it). Then he showcases drowning children in an ad because he felt that kids were drowning with Jerry Brown as governor. While I agree that more should be done for children in schools rather than prisoners who have it too good already, I don’t want to see a drowning child on television,and I’m sure parents who have had children drown and die at a young age don’t want to see that either.

I did not like this guy at all and I hated his stupid commercials,to the point where I posted to different Facebook pages of all the Sacramento TV stations to make them stop. I even said “Please!”,but it didn’t matter anyway because he had no chance at winning that election. 

OilersComedyCentral6. The Edmonton Oilers

If there’s any team in professional sports that’s currently in no hurry to get better or develop any sort of winning culture whatsoever, it’s my Edmonton Oilers. They are currently in year nine of a rebuild,which in hockey it isn’t supposed to take that god damn long to rebuild your franchise, and fans are upset as all hell that this team not only loses night after night,but that ownership and management are okay with it. Oh sure they say they’re frustrated and they say they understand,but in reality, as long as fans show up to the games like they always do, they won’t really care about the on-ice results.

I myself have pretty much given up on this season because this team isn’t going to get any better and they’ll probably end up winning the NHL Draft Lottery again and will probably draft Connor McDavid who will probably throw an Eric Lindros move and not sign with them because they’re the Oilers and they suck and until a winning culture arrives, will always suck. But then again,they may even find a way to lose the Draft Lottery. Who knows!Bucs

5. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ new uniforms

In my view,the worst uniforms to debut this year were the ones the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rolled out earlier this year. The new uniforms included an enlarged flag logo on the helmet (which I actually like), but the jerseys have too much pewter striping on them and the numbers look like alarm clock digits, the only thing that’s missing is the numbers blinking. What an awful set of uniforms for a team that has been awful this year. Go back to your old set with the current helmet. Problem solved.

4. Fans burning jerseys

While I’m okay with Oilers fans tossing jerseys onto the ice, at least they aren’t burning them like fans in other sports are. You had people burning LeBron’s jersey again when he went back to Cleveland. And then you had NFL fans burning jerseys from Jay Cutler to Eli Manning,week after week,we were treated to videos of fans who have had enough of their team’s awful play and in particular,the play of their quarterbacks. The one that surprised me was 49ers fans burning Colin Kaepernick’s jersey. Two years ago,fans adored this guy,calling him the next Joe Montana,and now that the team has had a bad season due to big time injuries, suspensions of players,and bad playcalling, it’s Kaep’s fault so we have to burn his jersey.

I think it’s ridiculous that fans burn their jerseys because a guy isn’t playing well. Do you know how expensive jerseys are? Very expensive! I wouldn’t dream of burning a jersey of any player because it’s disrespectful and it’s also a “Look at me” moment that in reality,none of us want to see.

SB483. Super Bowl XLVIII

Not to take anything away from the Seahawks or their fans because their team deserved to win that game,but it sucked. I knew the game was over 12 seconds in when during the Broncos’ opening drive,the snap gets botched and the ball goes into the end zone for a safety. That was all I needed to see to know that the game was pretty much over. The main reason I stuck around to watch was because of the halftime show,which Bruno Mars was great in and for the football squares (which I won $26 from). Super Bowl XLVIII was probably the worst and most boring game I’ve ever watched.

robin-williams2. The death of Robin Williams

I was at work when I got the news on my phone that Robin Williams had died from an apparent suicide at the age of 63. I was helping a customer when the news alert flashed. I couldn’t believe it. Robin Williams was and is one of my favorite comedians,he was wildly funny and he was a very talented and gifted comedic and dramatic actor. I loved him in Mrs. Doubtfire and Dead Poets Society and even as the Genie in Aladdin,so much so that shortly after his passing,I searched frantically for a Genie Disney pin,which I have and wear on my lanyard at work daily.

When I found out that he was battling depression and had gone back to therapy to help with that, I was mildly surprised because he had trouble with drugs and alcohol in the past,but it was sad that he wasn’t able to fully recover from depression. As someone who suffers from social anxiety,it’s been a mission of mine to be able to recover from it and I hope one day that I can.

KimKAss1. Having to hear about Kim Kardashian’s ass every day

I don’t think anything annoyed me as much as having to hear about the picture of Kim Kardashian’s fat naked ass “breaking the internet” day after day from the media.


Why is this a major news story? Why was it in my news feed day after day? This is not news.

We’ve known for years that this talentless hack has a big ass and to be honest,I’m getting sick of her and her just as talentless family who has no business being famous whatsoever. I’m not sure I have anything else to say about this. Maybe you do!

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