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The Things That Need to Go in 2015,Part Five


Hey kids! We have arrived at Part Five of our list of the Things That Need to Go in 2015 list. These are Nos 20-11 of our fifth annual list. A reminder that these items are meant to be for entertainment purposes. No,really,they are!

Dumb_and_Dumber_To20. Sequels that come out 20 years later

First year selection

This made the list because too many of our favorite movies have come out with sequels much too late. I can see a sequel coming out 10 years later,but 20 is too long.

Dumb and Dumber To is one of those movies that was made way too late. I’d have probably chuckled at it more if it was out in 2004,but it wasn’t and it made me kinda sad. It’s rare for a sequel that comes out decades later to be a hit,maybe if they were made sooner they’d be better.


19. Showing Super Bowl commercials before the Super Bowl

First year selection

I have had a problem with this for years. Super Bowl commercials were meant to be seen during the Super Bowl,not before it,during it. I’m so sick of seeing them on YouTube or the Today Show or wherever else they want to spoil them for me before the big game. You’re eliminating and any all elements of surprise when you do this and it’s continuing to piss me off and many other people who,like me,want to see these commercials in that big football game they’re televising in early February.

KimKanyeNorth18. CATCH-ALL: Kanye West and Anything associated with the Kardashians

This has made the list in many forms,trust me

I have had enough of Kanye West and the Kardashians as a whole. Why is everything they’re doing considered news? And why are they considered celebrities? Aside from Kanye West who actually has a career and Bruce Jenner,who even though he’ll be a woman soon,accomplished a lot when he was in the Olympics,what have these people done?
I think they’ve polluted society enough with their awfulness and their tendencies to spell everything that starts with a C with a K. Kan you believe that? Kan’t they stop this once and for all? It’s cilling me!

TwinsHat17. CATCH-ALL: People who buy a hat of a team they don’t root for because they like the hat, Hats with colors of another team, and Leaving stickers and tags on hats that get worn

Fourth year selection: 2014:3,2013:4,2012:6

This has bothered me for years,hence why it is on the list again,but not in the Top 10.

Why are people wearing hats of teams they aren’t fans of? If you’re a San Francisco Giants fan,wear a Giants hat. There’s no reason your head should have a Baltimore Orioles lid on it,your team just won the fucking World Series.

And why are hats in colors that the team has never worn? The Minnesota Twins have never worn black and columbia blue as their teams colors,so why do we have hats in those colors? If you can’t sport the colors of the team you love,don’t root for that team. Root for the teams that wear those colors instead.


Also,take those god damn size stickers off,you morons!

Peyton-Manning-Papa-Johns-Pizza16. Papa John’s Pizza

Second year selection-2014:14

Does anyone really like this pizza? I don’t!

Even though this chain isn’t really around the Sacramento area, I still have to see their terrible commercials with Peyton Manning every Sunday as he and Papa John make pizzas with Fritos on them. That’s not a fucking pizza topping!

Not only that,but Papa John has refused to provide adequate healthcare for his employees and cuts their hours, yet has no problem giving away 2 million of his crappy pizzas. What a guy!

RefurbishedCopCar15. People who buy refurbished police cars and keep the spotlight on them

First year selection

I hate people that do this. Not the buying of refurbished police cars,mind you. If you need wheels and that’s what you want,go for it. But for god sake, take the spotlights off of them. Anytime these people are behind me I think they’re actual police and honestly

I get nervous when they are behind me,I don’t need a guy who is in an old cop car to scare the shit out of me,too.

And by the way,isn’t this considered impersonating a police officer? If it isn’t,it should be,and that’s a crime!

Maxwell14. Maxwell the Geico pig

Second year selection-2014:38

This pig still exists and hasn’t been turned into bacon yet. Why?

Maxwell the GEICO pig sucks. It was funny the first time he was used and it should’ve been the only time because the more commercials that star him, the worse they get. Every time these commercials come on,I either change the channel or mute them because they’re not very good. Give us more of Ickey Woods buying cold cuts,that shit’s funny!

TonyParkerScowl13. CATCH-ALL: Basketball jerseys with sleeves and nicknames on NBA jerseys

Second year selection for Basketball jerseys with sleeves-2014: 10, First year selection for nicknames on NBA jerseys

If you’ve read this blog on a regular basis the last couple of years,then you’re aware of my hatred for jerseys with sleeves on them.

It’s become an ugly trend in the NBA that a majority of fans do not like whatsoever. Anytime the league forces their players to wear these stupid jerseys, I can’t bear to watch the game. It’s like watching a team in a rec league.

Even LeBron James has uttered his hatred for these jerseys and if his complaints aren’t helping to get rid of these,I don’t know what will anytime soon.

Also,I hate seeing nicknames on the back of jerseys. The Nets and Heat did this earlier in the year and all teams who are playing on Christmas Day will be doing this,too. This isn’t the 1970s,this needs to stop. Now.

Bae12. The word “bae”

First year selection

Ever since I saw this word on social media, I have not liked it.

For one,I’m old and have to look up what it means. Secondly, this word in Danish means shit. Are you saying that the person you’re describing is shit? That’s kind of a putdown if you ask me.

Also,anyone over the age of 25 using this word probably needs to stop doing that. Your youth is over,it’s time to grow up.


FakeCountryGirls11. City girls who call themselves country girls despite not having spent any time there

First year selection

This was one item that was submitted by my friend DJ Mappquest of,and it’s a Keepin’ it Real selection. When he suggested it, it made sense to not only consider having it on the list,but to have it in the Top 20.

I get so sick of seeing these city girls who are from places like San Francisco or even the Bay Area who time and time again have claimed to be country girls even though they’ve never been there.

The only reason you’re “country” is because you like the cute cowgirl boots (that she probably bought just to wear at concerts) and have fantasized about being some hick’s next lay. I don’t know about you,but I’ll takee any genuine city girl over some fake hick chick anyday. Just sayin’… 

 Part Six of our list comes your way tomorrow!


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