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Odds & Ends-Volume 47


FerenceAndrew Ference has been named the 14th captain in Edmonton Oilers history. The announcement came from Oilers coach Dallas Eakins on Sunday.

“Andrew Ference will UNITE us,” Eakins said on Twitter

Ference beat out younger players Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle to wear the C on his jersey come Tuesday when the Oilers open their season at home against Winnipeg. At 34, he is the second oldest player on the roster (Ryan Smyth).

While I am a huge Taylor Hall fan and was pulling for him to earn that role as captain, the selection of Ference makes a lot of sense. He is an Edmonton native and ever since his arrival he has made a huge impact, both in the locker room and in the community. That is something I like seeing in a leader both on and off the ice. Hall will be the captain of this team someday, he just has to wait a little while longer.

Hunter Pence is the Giants’ new $90 million man,and deservedly so.Pence

Pence was traded to the Giants last season from Philadelphia and became a vocal leader in the clubhouse during the teams 2012 postseason run which resulted in a World Series win. He has also done it with his bat this season,hitting 28 home runs and 96 RBIs and has a .282 average. Sure,the team was not doing very much in terms of winning,but Pence was grinding and giving everything he could to try and win. He also played in every game this season. Pence also won the Willie Mac Award.

I hope Pence can continue to deliver on what he has brought to the Giants since his arrival and I hope the team can rebound from a dismal 76-86 season.

TexansAre fans seriously calling for Matt Schaub’s job?

Following the Houston Texans 23-20 home loss in overtime to Seattle on Sunday, Texans fans took to burning Schaub’s No. 8 jersey outside the stadium,something I thought only Cleveland fans did. Schaub threw an interception to Richard Sherman who score on the play in the fourth quarter with five minutes to go. Schaub has thrown two other pick-sixes in the previous two games.

Fans have questioned Schaub’s leadership as well as his ability to win games and at 2-2 going into San Francisco for a Sunday night match-up, they have had enough.

So who do they turn to? T.J. Yates? Yates did do well for Schaub a couple of years ago when he was hurt. But that was then,can he produce for them now and can he do it better than Schaub.

I say he gets one more week to prove he can lead this team to a championship. Trotting Yates out on a big stage like a Sunday Night Football game is a bit risky. I think fans need to calm down for now.

Could Josh Freeman be on the move? Could a change of scenery help him?Buccaneers

Freeman was benched by the Buccaneers in favor of Mike Glennon. Glennon performed reasonably well,but Tampa Bay still lost to Arizona 13-10 to remain winless.

Freeman was the Buccaneers first pick in the 2009 Draft. He has been an efficient quarterback but has not had the winning touch. I think if

Tampa Bay does decide to part ways with him,which I think they will, he may find that a change of scenery could benefit him. It has worked for other quarterbacks in the past and it may work for him.

I think he has something left in the tank,he is a talented quarterback,but he needs to prove that he can win and he has yet to do so.


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