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Reviewing the new Minnesota Vikings Uniforms


The Vikings, like the Dolphins, unveiled their new uniforms on Thursday.

I gotta say, their previous set wasn’t too bad,but it was a look that they should have thought twice about. I think their new look will erase the memory of the last one.

The new uniforms are a bit of a nod to the past. The purple on the uniforms looks like the purple of old for the Vikings. While I think the numerals on the jerseys look absolutely awful, I do think the rest of the uniform looks sharp. I love the stripes on the sleeves, although I think they should have done the over the shoulder stripes on the away set like they used to back in the day. I also like the purple pants for the away uniforms, they need to wear purple pants on the road, there’s no reason they can’t or shouldn’t.

It’s definitely a step-up from the uniforms they had before and it will be neat to see Adrian Peterson running for daylight every Sunday in these. The helmets, by the way,look the same as they always have, in case you were wondering.

Thumbs Up!


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