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Reviewing the new Seattle Seahawks uniforms

I am relieved that Nike has made little to no changes to many of the 32 NFL teams’ uniforms. In case you didn’t know, Nike is now the official outfitter of NFL uniforms as of this upcoming season and yesterday they unveiled the new uniforms for each of the 32 NFL teams. I am relieved that Nike has made little to no changes to the uniforms. I do,however, have to review the one team who made major changes to their uniforms, the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks for the last decade have had some pretty boring looking uniforms, not to mention depressing. They also tried a different look a few seasons ago in 2009 with a lime green alternate jersey, burning the retinas of football fans throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The new uniforms retain the navy blue used in the previous set and have dropped the lighter blue which was known as Seahawks blue, in its place is a color known as Wolf Grey (a.k.a. silver). Lime green (known as Action Green) stays and is more prominent in the new uniforms. There is even a silver alternate jersey as well.

I have to ask,though, what is it with football teams in the Pacific Northwest with weird uniforms? First, the University of Oregon has to have ugly looking ones,plus a new set every week which looks worse than the previous week’s uniforms, and now the Seahawks have the Oregon effect going on. I’m not saying their uniforms they wore previously were any better but these ones are in my view a definite downgrade. Not that I mind the color scheme, they should have just gone with a simpler design. This is just too busy and too much. I like my football uniforms a little more old school. At least there’s no lime green alternate this time.

Sorry, Seahawks fans,these get a Thumbs Down from me!

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