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Odds & Ends-Volume 46


This is a special edition of Odds & Ends

WilsonBaerMany in attendance of Thursday night’s Giants-Dodgers game (and the folks watching at home) saw former Giants closer Brian Wilson, now a Dodger, sprint over to the home team’s dugout to speak with Larry Baer following San Francisco’s 3-2 win.

Wilson was reportedly upset about not receiving his 2012 World Series ring from the team despite claims from the team that they had tried to reach out to him in order to get it to him as well as inviting him to the teams ring ceremony back in April. Wilson declined.

So who is the wrong? Both parties if you ask me. Wilson could have attended the ring ceremony (albeit reluctantly) and picked up his ring in front of what might have been a standing ovation. The Giants could have tried harder to get it to him, including mailing it to him.

The bottom line is that Wilson did not need to bark at Baer over the ring. Wilson needs to stop getting the Giants to kiss his ass and offer him the world. They will not do that and it seems like he will not get over the team moving on without him. Pretty sad and pathetic if you ask me.

If the NBA is trying to do more to make me less of a fan of their league, putting nicknames on the backs of their jerseys (potentially) is it.CP3Nickname

The NBA is reportedly thinking of adding nicknames to the back of player jerseys in lieu of the players last name. For instance, LeBron James might wear King James instead of the usual James on his and DeMarcus Cousins could wear his nickname, Boogie,on his.

I think this is one of the worst ideas the league has had. To me, it reeks of desperation. Did we not see this in the now-defunct XFL? How did that league work out?

It is bad enough the league wants to go the way of NASCAR and put sponsors on their uniforms as well as sleeves on their jerseys,and now this? No wonder people like me are pining for hockey season more and more. I hope the league changes their mind about this because it will be a bad time in their history if it does.

Kaepernick7Did Colin Kaepernick finally silence his critics on Thursday?

Before the 49ers’ 35-11 win over St. Louis, fans of his team and others had said that the third year quarterback should either be replaced by his back-up,Colt McCoy,or that his predecessor,Alex Smith,should be brought back. Smith and his Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0. All the while, these people are forgetting that there are 52 other men on that team that lost those two games with Kaepernick and that one player does not win or lose a game for you. You lose as a team.

All of Kaepernick’s critics who called for McCoy or Smith are absolutely out of their minds. There are other teams who have more established quarterbacks that are starting 1-2 or worse, are they having their fans call for their back-ups? Are Packers fans calling for B.J. Coleman? Are Falcons fans calling for Dominique Davis? Are New York Giants fans calling for Curtis Painter? I highly doubt it.

Fans need to give Kaepernick a break, he is still a young quarterback in this league. I think he will be fine, I think the 49ers will be fine and Thursday’s win showed me just that.


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